Saturday, April 21, 2012

Roofing, Spring Water & Blast Furnaces!

Peter Lavin saves Cooroy Mountain Spring Water!

The Fielders business in Queensland is a result of Hills Industries buying Mr. Peter Lavin's business BSM over 5 years ago for what Mr. Lavin describes as "an offer he couldn't refuse" and has been based on the Sunshine Coast for 30 years or so. The purchase of Cooroy Mountain Spring Water has saved the company from the clutches of Coca Cola who may have just shut the local plant that employs around 60 people. One of the articles in the Sunshine Coast Daily is here "Everyone wins in bottler of a deal"!

So from now on - every time you drink Cooroy Mountain Spring Water - you are essentially drinking a Hills (Fielders) portion of the sale - it's also a pure spring at Cooroy - not just bottled tap stuff.
Here's Peter enjoying his purchase:

Cooroy businessman Peter Lavin (left) with Caitlin and Remi bails out Cooroy Mountain Spring Water.
The Queensland Phantom Roofer also states that Peter IS a legend from Brothers Rugby Union and some of his own team mates were happy they were on his side - fairly well versed in the finer points of dispute is the WORD!

Well done from the Roofer!
Do we call you the WATER BOY now?

Steel making - it's more than just a blast furnace!

This video is very informative in the process of steel (or iron making) and there is so much energy required to get to the end product of roofing. This is only the first stage and there will be follow ups on the coil steel manufacture required for rollforming into roofing. Apologies for those in the industry that know all this info - but many don't! It just might give understanding to BlueScope massive job lose, when it shut the Blast Furnace at Port Kembla! And where will Australian steel come from - well it's fairly obvious that China and Asia will produce most of Australia's steel in the future when you consider the cost of coal, iron, Minerals Resource's Tax and the CO2 Tax! How much can Australian manufacturing take in the money drain of TAXES today?

Here's a new 1,260 cubic meter blast furnace by Xilin Steel in China that has already been built, but is now being commissioned and ready for production. Why isn't manufacturing being promoted here - TAXES?
New Xilin Steel Blast Furnace!
The output of this giant is approximately 1.02 million tonnes per year. China and Asia are starting to lead the world in steel production technology - Australia is just a customer at the counter with the rest of the world!

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