Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roofing, Rollforming and Shareholders!

Roofing Brothels & Cabfares!

News in the political week - has been all about misuse of money either in cabs or brothels!
1. Craig Thompson in regard to brothels!

Craig & Elite Services - I didn't do it!
2. Peter Slipper in regard to Cabfares!

I dream of Cabs in the morning!
3. Now this becomes interesting - pollies seem to manage to evade conviction and the sack when this happens in their world - only having to pay small portions of the money stolen from either Taxpayers or Union members as the two alleged cases above infer. But when listed ASX companies have this problem - very different outcomes occur. The major one is the employee or manager involved normally resigns and all publicity is restricted. Shareholders are happy - because they don't know. The accounts are still put through and expenses claimed. Well this is about to change for one rollforming company - as the ATO and AFP are looking to investigate claiming of expenses obviously not in the interest of shareholders. When many thousands of dollars are spend in brothels and cabfares running managers and staff around in all hours of the morning - this has to be declared or the money reclaimed from the employee that incurred the expense! Simple - the shareholder should not pay for mismanagement of any staff that can obtain brothel or non business cabcharges paid by the company! Management should pay out of their own pocket as they are aware of this and the money returned to the company. Should be an interesting few months in the lead up to End of Financial Year? CHECK the expenses claimed!

Rolling the Sheets - Management style!
The industry involved should concentrate on corrugated sheets - NOT silk sheets!!!!! Although the company involved - resolved the issue quickly and the staff involved all resigned - the money has been provided by shareholders!

News of Rollforming Trade Shows!

Has Australia had any large rollforming Trade Shows ever! NO!

Link to one site with world list of Trade shows for the rollforming industry until end of year!
May 2-4, 2012 - Fabtech Mexico 2012
May 2-6, 2012 - TurkeyBuild
May 7-10, 2012 - AISTech
May 11-12, 2012 - International Garage Door Exposition
May 25-27, 2012 - Roof India
October 9-11, 2012 - Metalcon International
October 23-27, 2012 - EuroBlech 2012 Stand
November 12-14, 2012 - Fabtech International
November 13-16, 2012 - Metal-Expo 2012

And none in Australia - even in the months from January this year! Where's our MAN of STEEL!
Not only would a large Trade Show here bring much needed tourist dollars - the majority of demand for rollformed products world wide is in the Asia Pacific Region!

And don't forget to vote on the poll regarding the future of rollforming in Australia on the right!

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  1. FRAMECAD wil be demonsrating our F300i Light Steel Frame rollfomer at Designbuild in June of this year....

    Not a Rollforming show but you can still see the most advance LSF machine you can buy!