Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rollforming, Roofing & Rugby League News

The news for the last week!

1. The MV Iron Monarch leaves Australia
There seems some problems here - not with the sale of the Iron Monarch - but in BlueScopes announcement concerning it. Here's the MV Iron Monarch below
Iron Monarch on the way to Singapore!
Problem 1 is the report is stating that the MV Iron Monarch sold for around $5 million??? Yet $17 million was spent last year on a refit? Good for the books! Talk about a huge loss or lets get out of Australia!

Problem 2 is the company (BlueScope) decided to transport hot-rolled coil to the Victorian facility by rail, rather than a "prohibitively costly refit" of the ship. Refit - good grief - they just had one! And the rail shipments - where are they - and yet another ship is operating from Port Kembla to Western Port?
See the previous article on BlueScope Not Using The Train! What is this ship doing at the Port Kembla wharf if everything is going by rail Mr. O'Malley?

MV Kaiti Hill
 2. Big Pipe project supply goes to!!!!!
JFE Steel Corporation, in cooperation with Marubeni Itochu Steel Inc, is awarded an order for approximately 150,000 tonnes of DNV grade 450 UOE line pipe for the Chevron operated Wheatstone Project in Western Australia. Where are JFE from - Australia - NO! Good on you ICN Gateway - looks like another manufacturing sector gone in this one for Chevron! What gets me is that some of the pipe is already here and shipping started in January 2012!!! Whats going on - manufacturing of any kind or downstream processing is too expensive! Thanks Mr. Combet!

3. Win Stadium ready for Rugby League!
Work at WIN Stadium is expected to be finished by June 8, in time for the St George Illawarra Dragons game against the Bulldogs on the weekend of June 15-18.

4. More Stadium troubles in Illawarra!
As WIN Stadium’s rebuilt western grandstand roof takes shape, ongoing leaks at another leading Illawarra sports venue have users crying foul. Recent heavy rains have forced Shellharbour City Council to cancel indoor sporting events at Shellharbour City Stadium due to the risk to players.
Illawarra Vikings Futsal night manager Gina Jones said games had been cancelled over several weeks in February because of water on the courts. She said the problems dated back to when the multimillion-dollar complex opened in 2000, although the council said the leaks were first noticed in 2005.
‘‘It’s a beautiful stadium, but its reputation is really going down the gurgler because they haven’t fixed the roof and everybody knows,’’ Ms Jones said. The Croome Rd facility at Albion Park is also home to wheelchair basketball champions the Wollongong Roller Hawks. Veteran player Eino Okkonen said at times the leaking roof had caused the club’s junior development program to be cancelled.
‘‘It caters for all our needs and we couldn’t ask for a better facility, except for the leaking roof,’’ he said. Others have vented their frustration online, forming a Facebook group calling for the roof to be fixed. The council last year began legal action against the designer and project manager, and has also hired a firm to trial water-proofing treatments above one of the stadium’s three courts.
Tenders have been called for detailed design services to fix the roof. The council’s manager of assets and projects, Graham Standen, said the trial temporary repair would take place in the next two months and was expected to cost about $13,000. If successful, it would be extended across the roof.
The temporary fix involved a sealant membrane over the joints between the roof sheets.
‘‘We are progressing with a design for a more permanent solution at this point in time, so we’re not sitting back waiting for the court case to end,’’ Mr Standen said. He said the leaks were sporadic and involved water dripping onto the polished wooden floor, and that the problem had become worse in recent years. The council had taken action against architects Collard Clarke Jackson and construction management firm Manteena, he said. Both firms declined to comment yesterday due to the legal proceedings. The matter is listed for directions in the NSW Supreme Court on May 18.

Shellharbour Leaking Roof - Just Fix it!
The above was taken from the article in The Illawarra Mercury by CHRIS PAVER


  1. does anyone know who the installer was on this project? should be a wall of shame for projects like this roofer... The architects must shoulder some of the blame for bad design - sounds like an Adelaide company involved with a certain Aquatic project - they stuff it up take the money and run and the government (you and I) foot the bill to fix it up.
    As for Bluescope what a basket case...

  2. Wall or Roof of Shame - Good Idea SW - have to be careful though - probably the majority would be architects & engineers on the list!!!
    But also would like to see some politicians up there too, as honary members.

  3. Roofer what roofing profile are they using on WIN stadium?

  4. a new profile that got some publicity on here not to long ago

    1. SW & Tinman - certainly looks like it - I've put two photos on the PHOTO Page above - It looks too big in profile!

      Also some of these sheets became loose which resulted in this refit project (nearly complete).

      Don't forget - this roof was originally at the Sydney Olympic Games!
      I'm not sure - but may explain why it's not advertised on the new ARAmmxxxx$$$x Brochure?

  5. ha so the whole project is to fix a defect? no wonder the machine became available...

    1. Good pick up - wondered why you asked the profile!

      Yes! Wonder if the buyers knew of this prior to purchase? Not good publicity! ARAMIXSTAK's maybe - sorry wrong spelling :)

    2. Might be a meeting called at the main board room tomorrow morning maybe!

    3. whats the meeting about? ive heard EBIT is a concern.
      its a shame they inherited this defect but is high profile enough to get a bit of attention.

    4. where isnt EBIT a concern right now?

    5. ha good point Tinman but I'm not talking about 3-5% once you start talking double figures - you run out of fingers to stick in the weir - something or someone has to give...

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