Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rollforming Industry Capability Network

Roofing and the ICN Website

This is the website that government has set up to aid industry and manufacturing gain supply preference for projects in Australia - it is called Industry Capability Network. There's newsletters and project lists, suppliers and a page called the Gateway. This gateway is set out as per below and specifically for Steel and its associated industry and manufacturers.

Search page at the ICN Gateway
Now this is a useful tool if all project companies and suppliers utilise it. I searched in Queensland looking for a supplier of purlins - just as a test - this is the result:
Search for steel purlin supplier in Queensland.
There is only one of the top 5 rollformers here which is Stratco, and only a total of seven listed. Its not a good result, if this is all a project company can locate for purlins in Queensland no wonder they search overseas. It is also amazing that BlueScope Distribution ends up on any search under steel?

This is where the companies (most are listed) have to go back into their supplier settings in the YOUR COMPANY area above and cover all products available so companies searching can locate your company and hence gain a chance to tender and specify for upcoming projects.

In the News section of the ICN website - the following is revealed:

The appointment of the Hon Peter Beattie as the Resources Sector Supplier Envoy to maximise Australian participation in the resources sector. Mr Beattie will visit Perth in November to hold industry consultations and facilitate the inaugural Resources Sector Supplier Advisory Forum meeting.
So now is the time to contact Mr. Peter Beattie and make sure he earns his $1,000 a day plus the money he pulls in from this position. The contact details can be obtained through this page on the ICN Website or phone 1300 961 139.

Also update your company details and insist on a new category for rollforming!  

Also below is the results for a rollforming Lobby Group to be formed - somewhat disappointing number of votes - but consideration of some form of this lobby group should be discussed as the industry needs help in securing Australian projects.

Rollformer Lobby Group Poll results
Australian Rollforming & Associated Industry Lobby Group - coming soon to Australia!
  • Joining fee - FREE
  • Open to all of the above industry members
  • Trial 12 month period
Volunteers needed?

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  1. All the technical stuff is now on the Fielders website regarding ARAMAX!