Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Building Industry Down!

Rollforming also down!

The latest February 2012 figures for residential approvals are down again in February by 7.8% over the previous month. Year to date 2012 - residential building approvals down by 15.2%.

Monthly Building Approvals Australia.
 Amazingly state detail suggests there may be some problems in NSW by slumping 40% in February after a 36% surge in January, conversely Queensland surged 13% for the February after falling 20% in January. But overall the downturn is a fall of 7.8% in February 2012!
Rollformers would also have to be hit with this residential downturn, as the resource industry construction hasn't be big enough to fill the decrease! From this ARTICLE in The Australian today:
Manufacturing has lost 100,000 jobs since 2008, and bright spots among manufacturers linked to the resource sector are not offsetting them," said Innes Willox, chief executive of Australian Industry Group, which conducted one of the surveys. 
The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry quarterly survey indicates "Australian businesses feel their profitability and sales are at their weakest levels since 1998, when the survey began".
What of all the industries associated with the metal rollforming? They are all suffering and looking forward to another 8 to 10 months before any light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Is this the new look of BlueScope in the Australian future. Click on BlueScope!
  2. Fielders Career Website - WHAT IS A GARDUATE????? Get in quick for a look - as will be corrected by tomorrow - screen clip below! Spelling is obviously not a priority for this position!
  3. UPDATE: Spelling all corrected on website - Very rare for graduate (tertiary) to be seeked by manufacturers in rollforming - well done - need more talent in this field! 
  4. GARDUATE - What's a Garduate???
  5. Hopefully some fine weather ahead for NSW, VIC and QLD so builders can at least get to roof stage over next three months!
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  1. The Reserve Bank continues its refusal to give building any form of boost. Not much sign of the long awaited and much heralded mining $$$ in the cities yet, except for pressure on skilled wage rates, another cost burden on our dying manufacturing sector

  2. the RBA is a puppet - the biggest problem for the building industry is banks not lending money and the governments failure to act to sort it out. might have to wait until juliar gets thrown out... mining is all talk in SA until it all gets signed off by BHP even then its not going to happen overnight....

    1. how much will bhp mining help the rollforming industry? the rba certainly doesn't!

      Bluescope will end up totally in asia with just distribution here