Friday, March 16, 2012

Roofing CO2 Tax again!

Carbon Tax Advert by CSIRO!

The roofing industry may be affected by the following news and publications this week.

The first is the news that Clive Palmer is going to take the Government to court on the Carbon Tax. See this video from the ABC:  Video: Clive Palmer on the carbon and mining taxes (7.30)
A Swan in the Palmer is worth ???
This will be an interesting development that may even stop this tax.

The second is the release of "The State of The Climate 2012" by the CSIRO that has just been published. All the details on everything is here at the CSIRO Climate Site.
Climate - here's the Glossy Brochure!
The report itself is large but basically backs up the Government arguement that the CO2 Tax is neccessary to stop rising temperatures, rising sea levels, rising floods, more intense cyclones, drier droughts, etc etc - all caused by us dirty polluters of plant food, and using it to justify their great big save the world TAX.
CSIRO uses data from the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) weather stations around Australia.

The third is the attack on BOM from external independant scientists that have described their data as not even complying to their own standards. The sites are many and heres two:

Australian temperature records shoddy, inaccurate, unreliable. Surprise!

“Near Enough For a Sheep Station”

As always stated - how can they know what the climate will be like in 100 years - when they muck up tomorrow!

Here's a clip of the BOM weather station at Eneabba?

It's right in the middle! Looks like a bee hive?
And to finish off - what is going on at HILLS - had a good few months on the ASX and now down to $1.09 - maybe failure to offload Fielders & Orrcon?


  1. Clive Palmer has balls of steel, maybe he should buy up the tortured Bluescope, Onesteel and Hills steel businesses !

    Or employ Kevin Rudd and really sink Ju-liar.

    Or do both !

    1. How about sacking Juliar, Kevin & the whole government - then we'll be able to do business?

      OH! and sack the BlueScope management team, and the Hills team etc etc etc.....