Friday, March 2, 2012

Rollforming News - Update

Fielders, Aramax and Rollformers?

First on Fielders and Aramax Freespan roofing. The website is just a brochure page but the original website had lots of data and photo's including specs. Hopefully they get this website up and running shortly especially since they have the mobile mill etc. Here is a screen clip from one of the spec sheets - not clear as from a cashed copy.

From the original website when Brice Engineering had it!
 And below are a series of photos of the mobile mill and different roofing jobs. The product seems to have been installed at many locations and with only one mobile mill, no details on the website and no specifications released: Fielders will have to get going on this - as many of the big projects are out for design stage now. Lots of work to do with the architects and mining company exec's.

PHOTOS - Aramax Freespan roofing.

Various Photos
There's many more - but this selection gives an idea as to the capabilities of Aramax FreeSpan. Hopefully they may get some leads from this article?

Now onto the latest rumours doing the rounds.
  1. Onesteel to buy rollformers, reo & steel merchants? Fielders is mentioned in this - but could they afford to buy this and not it's major rival Revolution? Imagine the fireworks if this did occur between management!!
  2. BlueScope all cashed up and after lots of the smaller rollformers so they can guarantee a supply for their coil? Not a good move as they are using the CO2 Tax donation Greg Combet gave them. but that's another story.
  3. A merge between BlueScope and OneSteel (now the ACCC would investigate this) has been sprouted - but seems unlikely as OneSteel currently has found the correct path. BlueScope management still at a loss as to what's happened, is happening and what could happen? If they sack more workers and close another furnace - the executives will give themselves another bonus.
  4. The last and still a possibility is the merge between two large rollformers that would bring them up to position 2 or maybe even 1 - if they get the backing of OneSteel.
Anything is possible this year - most will happen after end of 2011 - 2012 F/Y.


  1. There are too many rollformers in this weak market, everyone agrees on that. Onesteel would have to buy more than one to get anywhere but Lysaght could patiently mop them up one by one. Fletcher Stramit are the other likely buyer of market share. Does Fielders and revo really have to be put back together for anyone to buy them ?

    1. Agree - too many rollformers!

      Would you buy Fielders for SA & WA market share with Revolution still out there? Reverse is the same problem!

      But if both were purchased (united) - the WA & SA figures would be back to dominant the market again?

  2. They're both good businesses, revo for its differentiationok, fielders for its critical mass esp Sa and Wa.

    1. Maybe we should ask Kevin Rudd to sort the industry out now he has some spare time

  3. And McClelland, and Arbib, and Kim Carr, etc Eh EH EH EH!

    I think Mr Beattie is still looking after the industry. But what can you get for $1,000 a day??

  4. Bob Carr looks like PM material so Julia might be helping Beattie !