Monday, March 26, 2012

Rollformers on the move!

USA Rollforming Industry looking at Australia!

There are two brand new American made mobile gutter machines in Australia - one in Sydney and the other in North Queensland. These are trailer units running continuous gutter (with non BlueScope feed) and the price of supply and install has been very competitive! The North Queensland one is now operating in Townsville and been extremely busy.

There are numerous suppliers of these trailer gutter rollformers and they have been here in Australia before and also still operate in New Zealand. The interesting thing about these is the operators (all have at least two Americans) that have been surveying customers on their thoughts of the system - and one includes a leaf guard gutter rollformed all in one.

Of all the rollform manufacturers that have this, can supply coil, and are very big in the USA is in the following promotional video: Any other suggestions welcome!

Is the company looking at entering  the Australian market called ENGLERT? Maybe some of the USA readers could help out here, how big are they etc?

The reason for this is the number of hits this site has had in the last 24 hour period, and the high ratio of  USA viewers as per below:

Hits to The Roofer
The figures are around 400 in total and nearly 1/3 has come from the USA. Has anyone seen or got a photo of one of these mobile gutter machines?

The mobile gutter machine trade in America is quite large - and very competitive!


  1. FRAMECAD Solutions are the exclusive distributors for the New Tech Machinery range of gutter and standing seam roofing machines.
    These are similar to the ones in the video.

    Very cool and can be customised with different ribs, beams and so on to create a vast range of look and feels.

    FRAMECAD customers have used these machines all over the UAE in some VERY large projects in the middle of the desert where bringing in anything other than coil was vitually impossible.

    Certainly worth a look in Australia.

  2. Thanks Peter,

    I'll put the New Tech Machinery link on the Links for The Roofing Industry Page! The standing seam roofing is huge in Europe and the USA - but has never taken off in Australia to a large extent! The gutter machines look good - are they compatible with metal fascia systems or only on timber fascia?

    Also - wouldn't it be a good idea for the Government to sponsor along with all the major rollformers a roadshow in Australia similar to the one mentioned in the NTM website?

  3. The gutter profiles are USA based, our profiles are very complicated and the clips are designed to suit.

    The Roofing and Walling profiles are easy to customise to suit different tastes and styles.

    Would be great to have government sponsorship of a road show like that.......

  4. If you can remember back to the 1990's..a company called ABI ( Australian Building Industries) had something like 100 or so Mobile rainwater rollformers, spread throughout Australia. The company is now defunct, however most of the machines ended up rolling in factory environments, not on-site.
    A roll former in a factory environment, can produce enough Gutter for a typical house in around 5 minutes, and a single truck can transport 30 or 40 house lots at a time. Taking a mobile to site requires set up, taking the right coils to site, and then rolling, typically a few hours per house lot. Its just not cost justifiable to do it on site.
    The 2nd problem is that Australian rainwater systems are some of the most advanced in the world, both in design and materials used.
    USA / European rainwater systems are typically roll formed from Softer Steels and alloys, while Australians have Higher Tensile feeds, allowing stronger, lighter products.
    In rollforming these High Tensile feeds, you need bigger Longer machines, nothing that USA machinery builders have as standard offer.
    There is no doubt that given time and development, some USA machinery builders could develop systems for Australia, but at end of the day the Mobile Rainwater Market is a Niche market, and the investments just don't stack up.

    1. I completely agree and another point is that gutters are such a small part of the residential roof bill wouldnt you be better off rolling your own top hat or sheeting first? But this is where Aus Standards come in to play and for the average punter it all becomes to hard.
      Unless you have twenty or so houses all to roof and gutter at once in the same colour I'd be hesitant before making such a large investment.
      If imported colour was so good all the companies would use it not just Statters.

      On another note has anyone else noticed the new BlueScope tag line??
      Built for Australia - but no mention of being made in Australia... is this the transition stage?

      Roofer what are Metroll upto in Melb? Your being elusive as per usual! SW

    2. SW - I also agree with Anonymous on the viability of mobile gutter machines. But unfortunately the majority of installed gutters don't comply to AS/NZS3500.3 in Australia today!

      "Made by BlueScope" on coil is the other out they have done in the transition process. The big new developments of two business units in Asia is also part of the transition. Their ASX price is still at an all time low! BlueScope is a basket case!

      Metroll?? Nothing specific but has anyone been to Preston or Laverton recently???? The sighting of containers of coil stored there is of interest!

      What are your thoughts on a National Roofing Expo in Australia?

    3. a national expo for roofing and patio systems is an excellent idea... there are plenty of new and exciting products on the market - could be a good chance to see them all in one place

    4. $1.8 million would secure a National Rollforming Expo in Australia (Government would more than willing to donate this) - a capital city each year in rotation (all 8 of them) and with overseas interest would be a commercially viable venture anyway! (Welcome to visitors KAPSARC, NTM, FrameCad, etc)

      Rollforming includes all ROLFORMING - patios, sheds, roofing, guttering, structural, panels, doors, roofing contractors, accessories etc etc,

      It would be huge in Australia! Thoughts?

    5. what kind of coils they storing roofer? dependant on what kind of coils would only make this interesting

    6. Tinman!
      That's what I am wondering - apparently they were from Europe??? Don't know anything more! What could they be???

  5. Here is an interesting Metal Roofing project for you..
    I believe it is quite possibly the most expensive metal Roof Installed in the World, based on M2 price, @ 1,500 Euro / M2...
    Its a multi layer system comprising Roof Deck, 2 layers insulation, Top skin ( Standing seam) separated by newly developed Thermal blocks, and on top is a 20mm Thick Concrete panel.
    Also quite possibly the 1st time this particular standing seam roof has been used as a Structural deck / skin...
    images / research centre.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Unbelievable link to KAPSARC in Saudia Arabia - for thos interested the link is actually below to the Iconic Centre - Check this out Australia!

    2. sounds interesting, any more info?
      what r-value are they trying to achieve in saudi arabia?
      from the brief look, this kinda roof looks good for a place that has 3 inches of rain a year.....

      more expensive doesnt always mean better but interesting nonetheless

  6. Just an update on the stats for this Blog!
    Over the last 24 hours these are the stats by country:
    Australia 421
    United States 207
    United Arab Emirates 60
    Canada 12
    New Zealand 10
    United Kingdom 8
    China 4
    India 3
    Taiwan 3
    Hong Kong 2

    UAE is up there among the top visitors per head of population!
    WHY! Because they search out inovation and investment! USA is up there because of the article! Interesting!

  7. Anonymous here again, Yes I am based in UAE.. maybe lifting your UAE hits.
    Working here as a Consultant to one of the largest Roofing / Cladding companies in UAE, check them out..
    Fascinating company, they are the company doing the Kapsarc Roof. Huge investments in technology, plant and equipment, bringing them up to European and Australian standards for quality, rapidly over last 5 years.
    Currently exporting to many countries, including surprisingly Australia.
    I don't have to be anonymous, just I haven't worked out how to use your blog properly yet.

    1. Thanks Anon,
      The site is very interesting - some amazing buildings under construction and finished. Any hints of end supply in Australia?

  8. Whilst they are using soft feed material and our market is Hi-Ten. They have a great combination of technology with the hot water and solar capture and they make their own coil which no doubt is the reason for expanding into Australia. Looks like we could take some lessons from them! Then again in ten years time we will all be involved in mining or the service industry. RIP Manufacturing