Sunday, March 11, 2012

Right Roofing Stuff Up!

Roof on Stadium to cost $1 million to repair!

In Canada - not Australia - but not far behind the WIN stadium in Woolongong!
This is covered in an Article in the Vancouver Sun where the cables holding the umbrella style roof cover have damaged it!

Cables above the BC Place Stadium leaked grease!
But now - no one wants to pay to fix it. They're all arming up with law suits etc and the end result will be the tax payer losing out again. Seems like it's the same here in Australia - WIN Stadium!

WIN Stadium Update:

On February 8th 2012 - the roof sections were lifted off - what has happened since then is unknown!

Roof comes off WIN Stadium! When will it go back on?
This could also end up around $1 million!

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