Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fielders New Mobile Mill Video

Aramax Mobile Mill

Just a quick post on the new Fielders purchase from Brice Engineering. Make up your own minds? 


  1. Did anyone else notice the distortion of the sheet when it was being rolled? I imagine that these sheets must flex and distort under high winds? I cant wait to see the span data on this product...
    In regards to the rumour I was going to confirm this week I am concerned about the legal ramifications but as you noted Roofer the next couple of months will see big changes in the top 5.

  2. There is another video to come SW. But you are right the distortion is a problem - especially in the handling.

    The rumour - don't post until you are sure - the legal ramification concerns are justified especially regarding the ASX. I think you & I have the same info!

    Aonther new BlueScope joint venture with TATA starting in India right now. BlueScope will exit the Australian manufacturing scene to escape Government, the Unions and the Carbon Tax! A BlueScope article will be published shortly on the new coil coating plant at Jamshedpur in India. It's for their push into export pre-fabricated building investment.

    Why stay in Australia - they have 3 years to exit with this CO2 Tax!

    1. We are at the crossroads for steel production in Australia... If Bluescope make this move overseas Gillard will need to answer some serious questions. The industrial boom times of the 50's and 60's are becoming distant memories - look at all the infrastructure built over this period, steel smelters, production lines etc from our "golden" period. Its a blemish on this proud country that these are the factories now forced to close due to free trade and carbon taxes - the worst part is we as a country signed up for this...
      I dread the day i am forced to use imported purlins or sheeting made in india or china - i just wish Rudd had the balls to quit after his fiasco and force a by election in his seat. Then i might have been able to paint a better picture of our future.

  3. I just noticed Monier Tiles Advert on the right of this post - what ever you do don't click on the link - click only on metal roofing sites - as Google (who run this site) will keep putting them here. I don't have control on advertisers - but basically - I do not want tile etc on this site - only rollformed metal roofing.

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