Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BlueScope in India

BlueScope TATA have opened their new plant in Jamshedpur!

In a joint venture with TATA - BlueScope Mr. Paul O'Malley was on hand to open their new 61 acre facility in Jamshedpur to employ about 225 people and casual employment of related services of another 200 people. Bet the Port Kembla staff are overjoyed about this! The metallic coating line can process approximately 250,000 tonnes as well as a pre-painting line of 150,000 tonnes. Where is the steel base coil coming from??? Not Australia!

Here's a picture of the new BlueScope investment in India.

Jamshedpur Coating Facility
  It is an investment of approximately $150 million - and Mr. O'Malley will get results out of this plant. They won't have a Mineral Resources Rent Tax, they won't have a CO2 Tax and their wage bill will not be controlled by unions. Goodbye to Australian Steel manufacturing, processing etc etc.

Notice there was no publicity for this in the Australian press at all - yet the India, Chinese and general Asian press have all got articles. This one is from an Indian news website called INDIA BLOOMS.

May as well have a similar Australian news website called AUSTRALIA GLOOMS. This is not a link!

Wonder what Mr. Paul Howes (not one job will be lost under this government), Julia Gillard, Peter Beattie (man of steel $1,000 per day), Wayne Swan all have to say?

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