Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rudd to Save Roofing Industry

The Carbon Tax Cancelled by Rudd!
This is the only way manufacturing industries including steel coil production and its usage by rollformers in a positive economic climate  are going to survive. The man below is the Head of Australia's Climate Commission talking in this clip about the future of our world!! His name is Tim Flannery - and his talk here is almost a idealist rant! This is the man along with Ross Garnaut, Penny Wong and the rest of the ALP and the Greens (let us not forget Oakshot, Wilkie and Windsor in this) were the responsible parties in introducting the CO2 TAX.

This video is over 6 minutes long and very boring - for those not in tune with GAIA!

Go to this site The TOP 20 CO2 Polluters and you will see of the 20 polluters - there is Alcoa, Bluescope , Rio Tinto and Woodside Petroleum. 14 of these are electricity producers - they supply power to manufacturing which makes up 38% of the electricity supply in Australia. Do you think costs will go up to pay for this CO2 pollution? Alcoa alone in the first year will pay the Government $430 million dollars! But wait - it's not about the money! It's to stop CAGW - Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming  - which means Humans are causing the world to heat up and we're all going to suffer??

But then why is the world cooling and CO2 is still rising (mainly China, USA and India) see graph below!

10 Year Temerature - The Earth!
SO why are we paying for this CO2 as a pollutant - when it's actually getting cooler! In Australia Tim Flannery said the dams would never fill up again? WRONG!

The only things these clowns in Canberra can guarantee is the end of manufacturing in Australia unless Mr. Kevin Rudd comes back quickly and gets rid of this CO2 TAX - isn't CO2 plant food?

What does everyone else think - or am I the only one that thinks this is the biggest con job since FINE COTTON?

What will be the outcome with this CO2 Tax and it's implications on rollforming?


  1. or we can hope that the libs get there speaker back and a few indi mps support the libs and we have a change of government then goodbye co2 tax but i think the global elite want us to have one any way

    1. I very much doubt that Slippery Pete will go back - his expense account has been increased - & there's no way he'll take a reduction in salary! The GLOBAL Elite want to rule - currently the Australian Government is heading this way at the expense of all manufacturing!

      A meltdown by the ALP is what's needed - Notice how quiet Bobby Brown has been (and not the ex-husband of Whitney) in this leadership struggle - he just wants his money from the big polluters!