Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roofing News - February 2012

Rollforming misses out in Coke Share!

The advertising of roofing products will take on a new field shortly - which product will appear on share a name in the CocaCola label: like below

Which product will be on the bottle?
  One of the rollformers is negotiating for advertising on the iconic Coke bottle - which one?

Other things happening last week in the list below:
  1. Job opportunities in BlueScope minimal - 8 in total advertised on the website! 5 of these are IT, HSE, IT or service and 2 sales and one worker?
  2. Job opportunities in Fielders 19 in total: 2 floor workers,  2 HSE, 6 Admin and 9 Sales?
  3. Job opportunities at Stramit only 2 in total: both floor workers.
  4. Job opportunities at Metroll only 2 (but use HR companies) in total: both floor workers also.
  5. Job opportunities at Stratco - the only ones advertised is the team members at the Canning Vale Big Red Box in WA.
  6. The balance of independents don't have huge HR departments or parent companies - but main employment area is still in roofing contractors.
This particular article was amazing The City of Melbourne and the University of Melbourne  have revealed that white roof areas are cooler!  WOW! WOW! And this stunning and informative statement from the article as follows:
"Research author Dr Dominique Hes from the University of Melbourne said white roofs reflect heat away from the building, rather than absorbing it."
How much money is going to be spent by these turkeys telling us information that we knew 200 years ago. White shirts, white wash - maybe they should just visit BlueScope Website "CoolMax" that states that this product reduces energy costs by 7.5% over Surfmist. Good grief - Dr. Hes said something like 3% - but compared to what? When are bureaucrats going to start using the Internet and information already available. What a complete waste of money in this instance. Mr Peter Beattie - sort this on out please and NOW!

Solar installations have always been a worry - but one supplier has actually highlighted the problem between roofer and solar installation provider. This sort of info is good to see in the companies website An installer’s guide to solar liability - this sort of honesty hasn't been seen in the industry prior to this, when considering roofing contractors. The Australian standards have no information for roofing contractors in relation to projects that have had solar installations put on after they have signed off on the roof area!

When is a united rollformer association going to form? - now that Lysaght (BlueScope) are slowly sliding out of the picture? Everybody hates each other - but a rollforming lobby group would be extremely powerful in the political and union arena! The associated industries are very large from roofing contractors to shed groups (all of who are suffering). Again we are lucky to have Peter Beattie looking after an industry worth billions - not that he would know the difference between a pitch and bitumen!

  1. More next week on the clean up of the Hills site in Adelaide - it's all complete and they've done their environmental duty!!!
  2. Also no interest in "The Iron Mistake" in regard to sales - will end up wortth more in scrap metal!
That's it!


  1. Even the government is supporting the white roof movement, which is very flattering to know. Anyway, one of the most wonderful things white roofs provide is that they reduce energy use to about 20 percent, which is a great benefit to you and your pocket.

    1. I agree with what Freddy has to say. As a matter of fact, based on the studies of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, turning all the world's roofs white would possibly eliminate as much greenhouse gas emissions in 20 years as the whole world produces in a year.

  2. Your comment about a rollformer lobby is very valid.
    Timber has a massive lobby, tiles have a massive lobby, both industry sectors with lobbyists living in Canberra pushing their industry at every move.....

    We have small industry associations for metal roofs and steel frames.

    Perhaps we need to join these two associations? Perhaps we need to think more politically/marketing/sales rather than technican?


  3. PB - Is it NASH you are refering to in steel frames?
    Basically we are all rollforming industries with steel!

    It is the current groups operating that are virtually all BlueScope sponsored - they don't lobby on behalf of rollformers - only THEIR product!

    I think an independent lobby group (different from the current two associations) would represent the industry at a political level!

  4. Reserve Bank decision very gutless I would say

  5. KC
    Wonder if this decision by the Reserve Bank influenced Alcoa to announce the (pending) closure of the Geelong aluminium smelter. I think many more manufacturing companies will announce closures during 2012 - especially after July.

  6. So what else is new? White is in? It always was better!