Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rollforming Poll!

Who's in favour of a Rollforming Lobby Group?

There's a poll on the right to vote on - please add suggestions in the comments on what you think!

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  1. As a potential benefactor, what exactly is this lobby group going to do ? Is there an agenda ? How can I vote on something I have absolutely no idea what it will do ? Could it hurt me ? What is the proposed structure ? I am sorry - this is too vague for me to vote on.

  2. "How can I vote on something I have absolutely no idea what it will do ?"

    Almost the same as the real world of elections?
    It is only designed to find out the level of interest by the rollforming industry in a political lobby group - very similar to most of the other industry lobby groups operating within the system!

  3. Roofer i think the question is how is this lobby group going to change the industry for the better? can it deliver? does it have the necessary influence? you have been quick to be critical of the ASI but it has many major steel players involved not just rollformers.
    Might it be better for the "independants" to join an association that emcompasses a large portion of the industry rather than trying to reinvent the wheel?
    I know you have misgivings about ShedSafe and i admit i think the scheme is misguided and is being used deceptively but unless you join and fight for your views the industry cannot change.
    Just my opinion. I am not a card carrying member either but feel that the pressures facing the industry can be seen as common ground.

  4. SW - The ASI is very useful in the steel industry - promotion, design, regulations etc - but when it comes to rollforming - there seems to be only two players involved.
    A lobby is not a marketing or design group - it fights for the common group with everything from employment regulations, WHS, testing requirements, government contract letting (available to whole group), transport, CO2 tax, etc etc.

    This is only a poll to see if the industry is thinking along the same lines. You input SW is refreshing as usual - and maybe reinventing the wheel - it may well be! It does not require huge membership fees like the other marketing groups (no advertising) but rather transmission of information for the members benefit. Campaigning all political parties on the requirements the industry are after - and holding those who promise to account. Combined industry lobby groups do gain results. I'd like to start with red tape at all levels of government. Joining larger lobby groups is cheaper if done as a whole industry.

    Just thoughts currently!

  5. Just a note & apologies to John Easling who's comment was stuck in cyberspace for 6 days - his reply is under Fidel Castro Video at the link below - for all those requesting answers regarding Trueoak sheeting:- SEE LINK BELOW or go to Fidel Castro Roofing Video comments:-

    Onesteel to slash 430 jobs after posting a 74 million dollar loss - looks ominous for the Whyalla Steel Mill. Its no secret that the mining arm of Onesteel is keeping the company afloat. As you have mentioned before Roofer some of these companies are just waiting to cash in one carbon tax compensation before they completely close their plants - hopefully Onesteel isnt planning on leading the charge.

    1. SW - spot on. The closures will start after July 2012!
      The introduction of the CO2 Tax - "You ain't seen nothing yet"

      Just doing an article shortly on this Tax - and it's possible effects on the industry - imput most welcome! One Steel is going to vacate Whyalla Mill.

      Steel, Aluminium, Cement and Electricity are the biggest losers as a result of this CO2 Tax.

    2. Amazing - Just checking REPLY function for comments - makes it easier for directional answers.