Monday, February 27, 2012

Retail Roofing Sales

Choosing a metal roof? How do you rate?

First watch the industry video by FCS using Apple technology for roofing contractors. This gives a good insight into how the new generations will expect to order roofing materials and give quotes to clients. Only one rollformer has a very limited version of this now - Stratco.

How do you rate your retail sales in regard to IT - can you get quotes out for materials with colour pics of the profile and colour selection tablets? How many customers come through to your retail showroom and what percentage buy? This can be misleading data as sometimes a roofing contractor or builder will advise clients to select the roof colour, the gutter profile, etc. Very often this is not picked up in the showroom or sales counter and these customers are often regarded as tyre kickers.

Also the display in the showroom or sales area - how does yours rate compared to Austral Bricks Customer area in the photos below. These guys tie in all aspects of their product with a eBrick website, etc etc - and do a lot of business online.

Austral Bricks Customer Area
Another view of the same area
This is the new way of retailing a product that is hard to show - they have free Internet in the service area and staff can download to the customer quotes instantly. No paper, no time and a record of all prospective sales. The customer can elect to receive emails etc also from the company. Transmission of data is instantly recorded at head office and management have real time access to all areas of business.

Their mobile commercial sales team only carry an iPad and can access all info and technical data for architects, engineers, builders, developers and investors. All sales calls are logged in this way. Through this they also have access to the technical team in real time on any problem areas outside the sales consultants expertise.

The rollforming industry has to gear towards this new generation of clients - where instant feedback, data, photos, products and specifications are available.


  1. there is going to be big changes in the industry this week and its not Rudd or technology...
    will have to wait till friday to see how it plays out. anyone out there with a scoop on this?
    The other story is that Stratco are using actions rather than words when dealing with Bluescope - what is BSL doing about it? my bet just worrying about securing the colorbond supply - no wonder BSL is going backwards.

  2. Looking forward to the news SW!

    BlueScope announced a big push today into construction business in Asia - steel modular industry growth - also an increase in share price on the ASX. The less they do in Australia and more in Asia - the better the shares go!
    Can't really blame Stratco for their actions - will start a roll in this regard!

    Rumours abound about colorbond supply shortage! Paint to order nearly??? OneSteel paint lines have been busy with BlueScope coil painting for them.

    Could a merge be possible now OneSteel is on a roll and into mining?

  3. Bluescope want to control coil supply yet insist on minimum orders and upto 6 week leadtimes whilst Onesteel are decreasing leadtimes and increasing stocks... i think you hit the nail on the head with a merger between these two but with OneSteel looking like becoming more profit based (mining) than bleeding money (metaland, steel production) the question is who will run (or own) the merged company?

    1. Bluescope will never learn regarding lead times and minimum orders - it's a genetic superiority complex that can't be deleted.
      "We are BlueScope and you will do as you are told!"
      Only OneSteel could run this merged group! BlueScope would lose money hand over fist!

  4. BlueScope Distribution and Lysaght were the big losers in the H/Y results - BlueScope may try to offload Distribution? OneSteel would be mad to take this on! They will be better off telling BlueScope to go jump!

    Where does Stramit sit in all this -they have a good relationship with BlueScope - maybe they're putting pressure on like Stratco - shareholders want profit not misguided loyalty!
    Fielders would also be feeling the pinch currently in regard to the big commercial jobs here in SA and WA! Leighton relationships will be important with the big Chevron construction projects in WA!

    So many unknown factors at play in the construction industry.