Friday, February 10, 2012

Fidel Castro Roofing Video

Roofing Video Another One!

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz is a Cuban revolutionary - Revolution Roofing is a rollformer.

There is a similarity between Hitler and Fidel - but these guys have had this video on You Tube for a week and I've missed it?
There's cyclone testing, LHL testing and span testing - but this is a very good example of a new product innovation of an old one. Love the Walk Test - should be used by ASA! Future work for AFL retired players at ASA testing facilities. When is this going on TV guys?

Which one is Fidel?
Best new product in the roofing industry so far this year!


A new punch from the walk the walk!


  1. Pretty impressive demo if it's the same gauge. When will we be able to get it in Queensland?

  2. Is the product the same gauge? I wont believe anything that isnt independantly tested have Revo tested this product? Trev if it hasnt been tested in Southern Australia you wont see it in the cyclone regions any time soon. The corro looks like it is past its maximum recommended span and Roo looks like he's in a good paddock. The hitler videos were of a higher class with wit this latest Rev video is pure propoganda.
    Rev, Fielders and Lysaght all jacked up their rates up today independantly of BSL i thought this would have made a more newsworthy story.... what i find more interesting is that these same companies are reportedly for sale... Worried about EBIT anyone??

  3. SW
    * No info on testing or guage - matbe someone can forward info.
    * Is there any other new profiles in the marketplace?
    * The 1/2 ASX info is out today from Hills - with a big EBIT loss (-$2.437,141) due to Fielders & Orrcon - don't think these two will sell in a hurry?

  4. silentwitness, everyone sent letters out and it looks as if everyone is following through on it bar metroll and strammit who lets face it, have no service offer in SA anyway. The increase needs to stick otherwise customers will suffer in the long run with shifts being put of, trucks taken of the road etc


  5. roofer as per fielders and orrcon if properly managed could be market leaders. hills have been running these companies into the ground. revo rely on others span tables and name dropping to sell product hell i respect the roo but what does he know about roofing? just a puppet with easling at the strings. to claim the oak profile is "new" is misleading it was abandoned just like the old hardies deep six and for good reason.
    tinman i have no doubt that increases have effected us all but the story from the street is that not everyone is subject to a rise or not... can it stick? metroll wont increase their rates and will continue to gain market share in the interim - stramit are a dark horse they have a bigger presence interstate like metroll, so will follow their lead these two have been at each others throats for years and one wont raise without the other. i just feel this price rise is just to cover forecasted increases like the infamous carbon tax which means when its implemented these companies will already have it covered. maybe im just getting cynical...

  6. Silentwitness, I agree the first 2 videos were clever & very funny but this tripe is pure revo plugging. I suspect that there is a slight bent (perhaps not so slight) towards rev. They rarely get a bad word said in the initial blog topics

    Could it be "roofer" is any "John, dick or Harry????

    Tinman, you goose, if your mob had passed on the full % increase of the last 2 price rises instead of holding back you may not be "consolidating" at present. You are seeing what you predict in your comments above, shifts being put "off" and trucks taken off the road. Is it any wonder Hills can't find a buyer. So much for "working for your shareholders"!

  7. Read the latest post and think about the industry as a whole! I totally understand the complaints you all lay at me and at others - but for the period of a year or so - look to campaigning against tiles, government, Carbon Tax, Red tape and general brakes on this industry! I have and will comment as I see the industry - each to their own - make a solid complaint or comment - but get together for a short period (next to impossible) and bombard the relevent MP's and state your case. TELL THEM the truth! It is not the competitors - it's the system that is making this period the worst rollformers have ever experienced.

    But along the way - NEVER loose pride in this Rollforming Industry and the company you work for!

  8. Dear Readers,

    The True Oak range have all been independently tested and certified. The same team that ran and built Fielders from 1992 to 2009 commissioned the independent testing, just as we did with the testing of all of the Fielders products, in the face of ridicule and criticism from those who feared us.

    Please be assured that we have by far the most experienced management team in Australia and we are very well prepared.

    Reading the comments here, it is clear that history is repeating itself. Judging from the fear and paranoia that was evident in the years that we took Fielders from a bankrupt shed supplier to a (former) market leader is evident again, as Revolution out innovates the other 50 odd rollformers in Australia.

    By mid 2012 we will have 6 new and unique profiles on the markets,whilst our competitors compete on price alone on their 1930 corrugated profiles, their 1961 Lysaght Trimdek equivalent profiles, and their 1990s 700 wide versions of the 1966 Lysaght Kliplok, (and the recent dressing up of old mutton in the 1958 Brownbuilt profile by Lysaght and Fielders).

    In just 2 years Revolution aleady has major points of difference over its competitors, other than price and service. In turn our roofing customers have numerous product advantages over their competitors who are selling old, outdated and over supplied profiles primarily on price.

    The 'Roo Walk Test' video is a Revolution produced promotion, and anyone out there who would like to try it themselves is welcome to contact us, and we will gladly arrange it for you, any time any place! It is a very genuine demonstration of the superior strength of our True Oak Deep 21mm corrugated profile.

    In the worst economic climate for 30 years, Revolution has invested heavily in innovation to differentiate itself from its numerous competitors in an overserviced and contracting market, where margins have fallen to ridiculously low levels that I never thought I would see.

    Other than cutting costs and bagging Revolution, what are the other rollformers doing ?

    Not much that we can see !

    As my dear old Mum says, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything !

    Kind regards and many many thanks to all the loyal people that have supported us in our short but eventful history.

    Viva la Revolution !

  9. I find it interesting John that you make a few references to so called old outdated profiles whilst failing to mention that your true oak is based heavily on the original 19th century John Walkers 'Gospel Oak' which was first imported to Aus from mother England in 1850... If all 50 or so other rollformers are all using the few main profiles doesnt that mean they're popular - rather than outdated and defying the test of time? I remember listening to you say that corrogated iron should be on the Australian Flag during your time at Fielders - whats changed?
    There is no fear in the streets about your profile I for one am trying to keep this on a level keel by providing my opinion on your product without bias. You must be missing Boofs influence as your spin is off.
    Educational discussion and debate is something that should never be criticized, I only take offence when there is noone willing to play devils advocate.
    One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist... ;) SW