Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ARAMAX FreeSpan at Fielders?

New Product at Fielders!

Aramax Freespan, go to the site under NEWS and see the new product!

ARAMAX FreeSpan has landed at Fielders
Looking for 20m spans without compromising on design?

Then contact your local Fielders representative to discover the benefits of Fielders Aramax.

Aramax is bigger, bolder and deeper than conventional steel cladding profiles, allowing free spans of up to 20m. Its strength allows huge reductions in conventional structural framing resulting in significant savings on materials, fabrication and installation on your next project.

It's always good to see new roofing products on the market. Here's a shot of the new brochure:-

Phone Fielders for information.
Tried to find out a bit more on Aramax - so went to and guess where you end up - a sub site of Fielders same as Endurance etc. Nothing new discovered, but Fielders have the Aramax Brand completely covered in Australia!

Does the name Wade Blazeley ring a bell? In The Land May 8th 2008 was this report. Now Brice Engineering has the exclusive rights to Aramax Freespan in Australia and New Zealand. No reports of selling this to Fielders - yet links to Aramax go to Fielders. There are quite a few Aramax projects in Australia and it is run on a mobile mill. The only one The Roofer knows of is in Townsville (where Brice Engineering is located - Mt Louisa actually)

  1. Come on Fielders - tell us what the setup is with Aramax FreeSpan?
  2. Is there only ONE mobile Mill in Australia?
This is a good product - but as Wade says
Buildings must be designed specifically to use the system, which has a stiff profile that means it can cover 18 or 20 metres in a single span – a big leap on the 8m offered by conventional steel roofing products.
Aramax Freespan is a millimetre thick, with 800mm between ribs which have a 315mm depth and rolled on site only - no photos available yet! Also stated in the article is the following:

A reduction of 30 per cent in steel costs for the CTLX compared with a conventional structure, offered a compelling argument that it had achieved that goal.
Haven't seen any span tables, certification - but with this style of construction - each building would be engineered specifically! Well done Fielders - but need more info for the engineers and architects.


  1. Wonder how you get the engineering certs - bet its a mob up north eh? No mill in sa seen so far - maybe RP - they have heaps of room eh eh eh !!!!

    1. Maybe not! If Fielders have bought ARAMAX FreeSpan outright - then they have to provide engineering! But if they are only a distributor for Brice Engineering then the problems will start.

      It all depends on available engineering for any construction to go ahead!

    2. What are Fielders thinking? Laying off staff and reducing production shifts - to buy this machine?
      Without data for spans and wind loads they are jumping the gun. Is there any indication on fastners?
      1.0mm thick? I can imagine a steep m2 rate! I wouldnt be stocking the whole colorbond range for this one!

    3. As a part of a full range like Fielders it might go well as a feature or special effect for the architects. Don't reckon it would sell much by itself which may be why it's never been a success over the last 40 odd years.

  2. A few questions:
    1. Has Fielders got the machine
    2. They would need engineering back up - in house?
    3. Being only mobile (you can't transport this stuff) - have they got a full crew up and running?

    If architects get the info from the beginning - it's a good product - but absolutely requires special design from the outset? Fielders must have employed a specialist Architectural consultant?

    1. Fielders has the machine, the same one that was used by BRICE is qld, only took over the license so engineering comes with it

  3. Also SW
    ****NEWS FLASH by SW FRIDAY******
    Don't forget the big news for Friday - does it involve OneSteel by chance?

    1. We're hearing rumours that Onesteel are out there measuring up smaller regional steel tube and reo merchants, as well as rollformers, to get a more vertical integrated structure. Wouldn't they need ACCC approvals ?

    2. Wouldn't need ACCC approvals as currently spread across 6 to 9 compamies - no different to BlueScope owning Lysaght!

      Wonder who the rollformer/s is/are?
      Could it be a reunion happening????

    3. The rumour i keep hearing comes in a couple of forms at this stage unfortunately like everyone else I wont know until its announced.
      Its no secret that BlueScope and Lysaght are close and have been for awhile. I heard from a source close to the action last year they have big acquisitions planned not smaller players (but a year is a long time) at the time they were looking at taking over a direct competitor.
      You've said it before Roofer the next six months will see many changes and if the rumours are true were all in for a few suprises! As soon as the story comes out tomorrow ill pass it on.

    4. Thanks SW - looking forward to it!

    5. Any updates on Fielders sale ? Latest one I heard was cashed up Bluescope are going to try and rebuild control of the market by buying up as many rollformers as they can. Julia gave them $300m ! Re Onesteel, I thought they were getting out of steel ?

  4. The only way BlueScope can sell coil - is to own the rollformers? Maybe KC you are right!

    OneSteel will sell on price!

  5. Fielders have transported Aramax I think around 26metre lengths to outback QLD. My guess is Fielders will sell the Northgate site around EOFY.

    1. Who would buy Northgate? Been running most years at a loss?

      Don't think the other big 4 wouldn't consider it! My guess is a full closure in QLD!

  6. Lynar Consulting 02-63625551 have been for 10yrs plus and are still very capable of designing Aramax buildings of all types, all over Australia.

    1. Lynar Consulting - put your website in a reply for all the readers.

    2. roofer, sorry we dont have a website. feel free to contact us on 02-63625551.
      regards lynar consulting