Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tiles will beat Steel in Roofing

Tiles are Winning! Why?

The metal roofing industry comprises mainly of steel manufacturers/importers (BlueScope, One Steel) of coil, rollformers into roofing profiles and then installers. Along the way engineers, architects and now the government are involved in deciding which product is used. How is the decision reached to provide a tile or metal roof on any building? Price, aesthetics, sustainability, Star rating, LCA rating are all factors now considered. The current trend is to appraise all of the individual LCA's (Life Cycle Analysis) of each product. Guess what - Tiles (ceramic and cement based) have all the squares covered over steel. Name one steel manufacturer or rollformer with an LCA of their product? There are none currently (only ONE rollformer has this underway 80%)  that can provide an LCA on their product for architects and engineers to evaluate.

National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) assessors are out there now and many builders, architects etc are dealing with these guys. The steel roofing industry has nothing to offer.

BlueScope and One Steel has nothing except a few words stating that it is underway and nothing else. How can a rollformer afford to do this independently? They can't! The ASI or Australian Steel Institute is the expert body in all of this and yet nothing from them either. Yet they are dealing with Mr. Combet et al in regard to the steel rescue package. No hope if the industry body can't even get an LCA for corrugated colorbond yet Boral can do one for concrete tiles.

Builders, developers are doing renovations on buildings with the aid of the government to gain extra star ratings along with good tax breaks. See TAX BREAKS FOR GREEN BUILDING.

What sort of year ahead is in store for metal rollformers with the sort of stupidity shown by industry bodies (ASI), steel manufacturers (BlueScope and One Steel) and government bodies (no explaination required for this bunch) that together can't even produce an LCA for colorbond corrugate iron.



  1. LCA - on rooftiles? Obviously they didnt test one major rooftile manufacturer beginning with B. The quality of all products made by this company are questionable. If I recall there was a court case over pavers in the Riverland which couldnt cope and turned to snot. So I wonder how thorough the testing is?? Its like 20 year guarantees from companies which are less than 5 years old.... not worth the paper theyre printed on!
    BSL offer warranties for their products as long as they are regularly maintained. I imagine there is the same fine print for roof tiles...
    Only thing corro might have over tiles is the relaxing sound of rain in winter - which comes without the worry of the damage caused by sparkies or fridgies to your rooftiles when working on your aircon!

  2. I agree - there are some suspect roof tiles out in the market -
    But wonder how difficult it would be for BlueScope, One Steel & the ASI to get a LCA for metal roof sheets for rollformers to use in the new NABERS requirements. At the moment only price and warranty!

    One LCA draft by a rollformer will be out soon on metal roof sheets. But will be exclusive to them only!

  3. I like what you have done with the "Hitler on Roofing" Youtube parity.

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