Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Steel Industry close to closing?

Carbon Tax is going hit Manufacturers!

Here's an article in Steel Guru (from India) that has got more info than any of the Australian Media outlets:

It was only published in the Greater Dandenong Weekly in October 2011 in regards to a local steel rollformer:

Mr Wolfkamp stated the following:

With a tax of AUD 23 a tonne of carbon, totaling about AUD 150 for each tonne of steel, without rebates the business would lose almost its entire profit margin. My fear is that the rebate scheme is not sustainable. We can't afford to put the price of our goods up because we're playing on an international playing field now. That many manufacturing companies in Greater Dandenong were already being approached by Asian countries to send their production overseas. He said he had received a letter last week from the investment section at the Consulate of Malaysia offering tax breaks to Australian manufacturers that outsourced to Malaysia.
What will be the Carbon Tax Rollforming stories be for 2012 - 2013?

But regardless of all the rollforming industry problems - Mr. Peter Beattie is O/S again solving all this on behalf of the manufacturing industry - The Man of Steel???? (OH - and Rusty his dog) WTF - why are we paying this bloke! Where is Mr. Combet - he said it was only going to cost a "SAUSAGE SANDWHICH A WEEK" - Good one Greg!

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  1. I wish Beattie would stay overseas - they can have him! What impact will he have on helping the industry?? - None
    Rollforming has a future in Australia but manufacturing is a different issue with the Heinz plant closing last week I expect to see more of the same. Looking on the ASX website and HIL arent looking that pretty. Would anyone really want to buy Fielders if you have to take Orrcon?
    With price rises on the cards from Lysaght and Fielders next month the importers will continue to gain ground.
    Would like to hear more about the "new top five" your hinting towards - can they make an impact in an already crowded market? Time will tell or will they go down the same path as 7-Steel and Bianco Structural in Adelaide?
    Looking forward to a busy year in 2012. Keep up the good work Roofer.