Friday, January 13, 2012

Royal Roof Norway

Roofing project worth US $20 million!

Huge project to replace the roof on the Royal palace in Norway with 160 tonnes of steel in the scaffolding alone!

Royal Roof  - scaffolding last year
The full article is here Royal Roof - and is still underway - the disappointing thing about this report is the lack of information since this article in the Norway International Times from October last year. Don't even know if it's a metal roof or not? HELP!

Wonder if any re-roofing projects get anywhere near this $ amount in Australia?

Just revised this old NEW STEEL PLAN newsletter from the AWU article by Paul Howes:

Paul Howes (Author of the below PDF)
This is after the GFC in and shows the direction of the Union attitude toward manufacturing industries in Australia: - but this hasn't been the case - BlueScope is shuting down, One Steel is going into mining, Fielders is For Sale, Stratco is doing retail, Apex Group is expanding, Metroll is still importing and the construction industry is suffering? WHY? Because of the belief in the Carbon Tax, that will rake in Billions of dollars for the benefit of a select few in the new CLEAN GREEN MACHINE called the United Nations, The Australian Labour Party, the Unions, The Australian Greens, the Unions, Peter Beattie, Paul above also etc etc etc.

For the rollforming industry the electricity usage is based on kWh (Kilowatt hours) and the average formula used by the government will be based on approximately $23.00 (per tonne of CO2 emmitted) for each 1000 kWh that is used by industry. FORD auto has managed to deal its CO2 emmissions on a plant by plant basis - so if a national rollformmer is expected to pay for CO2 emmissions over the limit as a national company then they should seek legal help.  Spread the power load and you'll be OK - if this is not acceptable to the government then all manufacturing of roofing will cease in Australia.

Do your homework before July 2012 or there will be trouble! Good grief, Origin Electricity Limited (whom, by the way you pay for your power) is getting CO2 credits for future planting of trees and plantations! Start planting seedlings trees and apply for Carbon credits as an offset on all available land or property that you have. Lot's of people and companies are getting paid in advance (like BlueScope) for future CO2 emmision reduction schemes - get on the Green Gravy Train and rake in millions off these fools - Bob, Greg. Wayne, Julia etc. But make as much paperwork as you can for these green fools in Canberra - Global Warming - it snowed in January 2012?????????

Tell them to shove it!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Carr, K Rudd, P Beattie all O/S and solving Australia's problems - They are parasites or rust on the steel industry.

This Carbon Tax Scheme is going to be the biggest con job since Midnight Oils PINK BATT scheme!!!



  1. Welcome to all the Indian, Korean, Taiwan, African, South American & Chinese STEEL companies that are already providing all the steel for WA, NSW, QLD and NT projects.

    Well done Roofer

  2. Gee the car industry has more handouts than most dole bludgers and they are still finding ways out of coughing up cash. The Gillard Government is a joke - if the car industry is like all manufacturing in Australia and needs to compete with overseas markets why one set of rules for one industry and a different set for the other? Obviously the car industry must provide financial support to Labor or the Ford plants are in key seats. Sounds like an episode of Yes Minister! I still think the whole scheme is a joke and wait to see if it ends up like the River Murray Levy and is just another cash cow for the respective government with bugger all being spent to fix the environment.
    As for the struggling building industry bring back the first home owners grant - sure it might have artificially inflated prices but as a whole it helped many people get their own bricks and mortar.
    Any new news Roofer on the sale (or potential sale} of Fielders?
    Roofer can you see if Phantom Roofer wants to post his insights in your blog?
    Keep up the good work - who needs the Democrats to keep the B@stards honest!

  3. SW - Yes the government is a joke - the manufacturing industry is not going to see a good 2012 until business is allowed to control itself.
    Fielders sale is not progressing - one TILE MANUFACTURER is no longer interested. The EBIT has been a bit of a concern along with staff resigning and not being replaced.

    Phantom Roofer NSW has given me some info to be published shortly!

  4. Have heard people are leaving like rats from a sinking ship with most going into other fields - big loss for the roofing industry. EBIT was always going to be sticking point.

  5. It's a shame that such an individual roofing manufacturer that was staged to be so different - is collapsing rapidly.

    The people made the company, and now with all the resignations - it is slowly fading and soon may be gone!

  6. The longer the sale drags out the more "backbone" staff they lose... Will see if Lysaght end up down the same path soon... really losing traction in the market. Rev, Stramit, and even Fielders have all brought out new products but the Lysaght camp is quiet on this front does this mean they dont have the funds for R&D?

  7. This is a must-see roof, any idea when they will finish it? I bet it's gonna be the noblest roof you've ever seen. Wow! really can't wait for this.

  8. This is a very big job but when finished it will look great. When is it finished?

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  10. I haven't read any update on this 20 million dollar roof. Most museums only spend $300,000 for roof replacement, but this one's different. Man, I'm dying to see the result of Royal Norway's roof. I wonder what type of roof they would use. I bet it'd be a glass roof. A glass made out of gold, I guess? LOL.

  11. Freddy, Roofing Expert & Richard Boles:

    There will be an update on the Royal Palace in Norway vey shortly, with photos from Feb and March 2012!