Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roofing Video - Another One by The Roofer

Well here is another one by The Roofer - The link is You Tube The Roofer - sign up to you tube and keep up to date with this visual take on the roofing industry.

The news for Friday this week concerns the unemployment at Port Kembla - and how only 170 jobs have been found for over the 700 staff retrenched from BlueScope so far. Also the sale of the BlueScope Distribution vessel "The Iron Monarch".

As well-  news from Melbourne that white roof tops reflect more light - DUH! Full story later this week. Maybe they could visit BlueScope's website and save a heap of money. Maybe its Peter Beatup again getting jobs for people in the know!

New supplier of Roofing T Shirts and heaps of other stuff - link soon.

N.B. Disclaimer - The Roofer of You Tube has nothing to do with this Roofer and opinions expressed by "The You Tube Roofer" are not the opinions of this Roofer. Although at this time they are very very similar.

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  1. Bluescope distribution is being tipped to close - Toll or to take over? Lots of staff here - management around 80 plus?

    The workers will suffer again Management will hold on to their jobs.