Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Roofing in the Year 2012?

Roofing & Rollforming for 2012?

Best wishes to all in 2012 - but what will happen this year?
The year of the dragon (Chinese New Year)?

Here are a few suggestions on what to consider for 2012:-
  1. Mining going great.
  2. Retail is suffering.
  3. Is metal roofing gaining ground over tiles.
  4. Building approvals slightly up from last month - but overall new housing down.
  5. Carbon Tax starts on July 1st and all Australian biggest polluters of Plant Food CO2 will be made public. (Electricity generators and manufacturers will top the list)
  6. USA metal roofing company instigates a 30 years product warranty.
  7. Metal roofing is a target for theft due to recycling - Copper leading the way - Roof Theft - see photo above.
  8. Is this a taste of the future in roofing - check out this quote from an article According to construction experts, roofing nails used in securing asbestos should have washers to help the securing process. 
  9. Lots of hungry take over bids with Australian companies - but none even hinting in regard to the steel industry.
And just a quick explanation for the image on the right - recycling in the extreme -

Musician Uses Old Records as Shingles for His Roof

Brilliant article and photos - seems a waste of old classic LP's - some of the newcommers in the roofing industry may not even recognise this classic method of recording music.
Long Play Roof - singing in the rain?
New information regarding one of the top five roofing rollformers will be released late March to early April along with a new top five by June 2012. Who is the newcomer or merged newcomers?

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  1. This year, metal roofs would definitely gain its ground as one of the top roofing material. Here are some reasons why: It can provide protection for 50 years, or more, if maintained properly. It can also withstand any type of weather conditions. However, it does not provide that "aestheticism" that other roofing materials provide. That being said, the decision still rests in your hands which type of material would you use.