Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Roofing needs mining?

Roofing is Reliant on the Resource Boom!

This article was inspired by a comment by SW regarding the CO2 Tax. Also just 6 days ago Gina Rinehart published an article on "Resources the life-raft in an economic storm" and after reading this the Australian economy is not two-speed but two separate economies.

Gina seems to be spot on with her analysis of the economic situation in Australia and that includes the roofing manufacturing and installation industries. Why will we pay for all these new taxes that will hit the industries that give us the lifestyle we now enjoy.

Apologies also for the silence over the last three & half weeks as The Roofer has been up in Sydney witnessing a huge growth in IT Buildings at North Ryde and also at MacQuarie Uni. The technology involved in these new buildings is to say the least innovative - but seems it does not involve the roofing industry to any great extent. The rollforming industry has got to adapt to these new Green Building Regulations to compete against other construction techniques or it will fade. The days of the commercial rep selling to the roofing contractor are over - the architects, engineers and energy companies are determining the content of roofing structures. Green Innovation is here and is worth big dollars. Carbon footprint, Star Rating, Compliance, Sustainability, Renewable, LCA, are all the new buzz words - not BMT, span, pitch etc - The roofing industry will have to change quickly to survive.

Also to highlight the above - "The Installation code for metal roofing and wall cladding" SAA HB39-1997 has been with Australian Standards for over two years and still nothing published. At least some revisions or amendments should be circulated for industry input - but nothing yet. This handbook should be revised periodically and released to all the industry - especially manufacturers. So far there is no indication as to the new release date? With BlueScope involved in this and the ASI it's no wonder nothing has been achieved as they are probably all concerned over employment security?

Rumour of a new ASX stock website coming soon - Hot Copper is good - but have to go through so much garbage to find the opinions needed on specific shares. Hopefully The Roofer will be allowed to enter and check on HIL, FBU and BSL without getting banned. Mid January 2012 (5 months before the CO2 Tax is implemented) is the open to the public date!

Is Stratco going to list on the ASX?
Who knows of this?

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