Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RooFHandles - a new roofing invention!

RooFHandles - Aid to the Industry?

A new ad for this new invention for scaling corrugated roof areas is quite unique! Very simple and easy to install with their website here RooFHandles .

Check out their video on You Tube also:

Roofhandles - click the picture to watch ad on You Tube
 It's good to see innovation in the industry but here are a few thoughts concerning this:
  1. Is it an approved roof safety device?
  2. Will home handymen utilise this instead of engaging a roofing contractor?
  3. Should it be incorporated by ASA in the new roofing installation manual?
  4. Should roofing contractors be investigating the usefulness of this innovation?
As an afterthought - roofing contractors are obliged to erect fall protection and so may not affect this industry directly. The installations of solar panels, gutter cleaning, aerial installation are not covered by these rules and so maybe this might be an aid in protecting workers lives that have to operate on roof areas.

New developments in the sale of Fielders:
  • Merchant bankers contacting rivals to sell
  • Mainly here in SA and over in WA.
  • Major player interested - but doesn't want Orrcon!
  • Tile roofing manufacturer thought to be looking!
  • CSR is not one of the new buyers!
  • QLD not in the sale process - may just close?
Will Hills end up selling Fielders - or simply continue on? Thanks to The Phantom Roofer SA.

BlueScope is after money!
  • BlueScope plans AUD 600 million capital raising.
  • BlueScope raises AUD 338 million with share offer.
  • BlueScope Buildings close HCI steel plant USA on December 12 2011.
  • BlueScope to apply for AUD 100 million steel transformation plan advance.
  • BlueScope cut AUD 190 million from gas deal with Coregas.
This is definitely a lot of cash that BlueScope is after and yet failed to fully take advantage of. Lysaght is cutting jobs in just about every branch! How long can they last. Thanks to The Phantom Roofer NSW!


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