Sunday, December 11, 2011

Carbon Tax now in South Africa

Carbon Tax to kill Industry?

This article in Steel Guru is the same story we have in Australia starting July 2012. How long before all manufacturing involving fossil fuels will totally dissappear to China and India. We'll just import product - maybe a bit of specialised rollforming to fill in the short falls of profiles - but basically the world is rapidly changing. The money now is in green technology, green products, green roofing - it just a matter of time. Industry will have to adapt to this or fail!

But the CO2 emmissions world wide will not change as the steel mills in China, India, Korea, etc will continue to grow. And Australia will export uraninium to all these countries and yet Australia will have windmills and solar panels yet no nuclear power or coal? The only work capable of being achieved will have to be on sunny and windy days?

And on a more enjoyable note: This crew of roofing contractors have been rewarded for their ability to save  a life!
Read the story here. "Worksite Heroes"

"Mr Sanders had suffered a massive heart attack at 63."  and all this on the roof while working - but the roofing contractors (his employees) saved his life.

GOOD ON YOU GUYS! Photo of the guys below!
The Roofing Guys and Mr Sanders in the Blue Coat!

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