Thursday, November 3, 2011

Roofing Rollformer - Australia's Favourite

Rollformer and the Winner is?

Australian Rollformer - The Favourite
Steeline - 1st Place

Steeline road home a winner in the Melbourne Cup week with 43% of the vote! Lots of satisfied customers out there. Fielders took out an impressive 2nd place with 25% of the vote. A photo finish could not decide 3rd - and the prize money was shared between Apex and Revolution. Metroll and Strammit tied for 4th at 11% each. Lysaght and Stratco came in towards the end at 7% each.

Not exactly a New Limited Poll - but it shows the readers of this blog are not coming from the top 4 rollformers in Australia - and their lack of involvement shows the isolation of their businesses. The employees and customers of Steeline ability to organise this rapid response was impressive - more so since they are virtually a group - not owned by a single company. Well done Steeline.

As winner - your website is now available in this article (here) STEELINE and in the title and the opening sentence!

The official results are:
  1. Steeline
  2. Fielders
  3. Revolution and Apex


  1. Owner operators all over Australia, Steeline have always been fantastic whenever we do jobs away from SA

  2. Price rise by December 5th 2011! Only on Zincalume?

  3. Sounds like December is the month it all gets passed on roofer. From what I hear only zinc at this stage. Who knows maybe colour in the new year?