Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roofing Rollformer - Who is the best?

Rollformers in Australia - How do they rate?

The current group of rollformers in the top 5 are changing rapidly - how do you rate the current large rollformers - don't forget the independents! This inspiration is taken from a comment in Hot Copper webbsite - "that BSL BlueScope couldn't make a profit if they sold drugs!"

This is from shareholders!

So to start October - a poll on rollformers with comments on your favourite rollformers!
Starting shortly!


  1. Just to let everyone know - this Poll will run until October 30th 2011.

  2. Steeline Case steel...best in the market in my view.
    John(hurricane metal roofing)

  3. Hi John,
    Welcome to you and the clan of voters from Steeline - just one question from your comment above:
    What is "Steeline Case Steel" please>

    You've got me wondering about this phrase.

  4. Steeline Case Steel is a Steeline member in Victoria who used to be known as Case Steel Roofing Products. John is a very good customer of ours and as you can see a very happy one.

  5. Thanks Brett - and good to see such an enthusiastic level of commitment from a group of roofing rollformers - would like to see more of it from some of the BIG 5.

  6. 31 votes for Steeline! Did all their customers vote at once?

  7. I think they may all have voted - but does show good communication levels at all outlets in this Steeline Group!

  8. Manufacturers and suppliers of high quality rainwater products including gutters gives more year.

  9. Hi Guys,
    Any idea as to the results of this poll?