Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Roofing News Madness Week

Roofing & Rollforming Manufacturers - Support!

What has happened over the last few weeks?
Well our government has set up the manufacturing Task Force 2011 version (where's Beattie?)

Where's $1,000 a Day Man?
This extract from The Business Spectator is the composition of the taskforce:-

In total, there will be 23 representatives, with seven sets each of government and industry members.
The industry representatives include OneSteel CEO Geoff Plummer, Boeing Australia president Ian Thomas, Holden chair Mike Devereux, Thales managing director Chris Jenkins, Textor Technologies managing director Phil Butler and Australia Industry Group Heather Ridout.
The six union members include the ACTU, Australian Workers Union, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, CFMEU, NUW and TCFUA.
The taskforce will be rounded out with three science and technology representatives, including CSIRO CEO Megan Clark.
Hopefully this may shed some light on the current downturn in the rollforming & roofing industry - and with the above members involved is a fairly cheap investigation method, providing the outcomes can be delivered to aid manufacturing. This in vast contrast to this next report on investment in Africa again in The Business Spectator :

African Mining Needs Help?

Why is this amount of money (Over $30 million) being spent on this? Isn't investment dollars in mining coming from the big miners and polluters of CO2? Maybe some sort of reality should be implemented by the taskforce mentioned earlier - and stop the investment in African Mining - and spend it in Australia on manufacturing where it is needed! Or is there more to this than meets the eye, or maybe mere rollforming companies and Australians just can't see this!

More shortly on the decrease of CO2 emmissions in the UK and the equivalent drop in steel manufacturing by nearly 30%. Is Australia heading on the same path?


  1. Bluescope will only be painting in Australia within 5 years, the carbon tax made a difficult decision easier I reckon !

  2. BlueScope will become an importing company only - manufacturing will disappear! KC - I couldn't agree more - maybe a takeover will occur before your 5 year prediction.