Friday, October 28, 2011

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Corrugated Roofing Innovation Award Submission at Shedeye!

Some months ago the subject of this site was of Revolution Roofings new "True Oak" range of corrugated. There were some very positive and negative comments made of this release - but it seems that the MIDAS touch has happened again - True Oak is now very much in the market place! WHY? Maybe because Mr. Easling has the ability to promote a product but not with spin - but with innovation - and as a result it looks like "True Oak" may be the first metal rollformed sheet to gain the Ecospecifier Global Green Tag badge. This means that architects, engineers and developers can feel satisfied with the product they use as roofing to be suitable for Green Rated building design!
The Roofer said that this would be released here but was beaten by market forces greater than here - and is submitted under SHEDEYE INNOVATION AWARD 2 . The hertiage councils in QLD and NSW will be certifying this roofing profile for replacement projects of old corro and asbestos? Makes you think of the work involved to introduce an old product into a new market! Their release of True Oak will be held in "The Sanctuary" at Adelaide Zoo - which happened to be clad in Fielders product when JE was at the helm - is this correct or an ironary?

True Oak - A new innovation.

But still a good innovation by an independent rollformer in Australia! Well Done!

News this week in rollforming?
  1. Mr. Tim Richards the General Manager of Stramit is leaving Sydney and going to Auckland as the new CEO of Building Products for Fletcher Building - has done a good job as GM of this rollformer over the last few years - especially in hard times.
  2. Mr. Nathan Jack of (ex flooring, ex steel structures etc) is now the state manager of Fielders in Northgate. An internal appointment strategy, the same as Fletcher Building. Nathan is from Ingleburn in Sydney and will have to change colour from BLUE to MAROON.
  3. Un-named manager of BlueScope leaves with large payout in Sydney - look in careers section.
  4. One Steel reps offering very keen prices on Zinc Alume based roofing feed to compete with the bunch of new importers on the scene from Singapore and South Korea.
  5. New rollformer (not of the top 5) setting up in Chinchilla, Roma and Kingaroy up in Queensland.
  6. Why are the go getters doing well in this industry - Stratco still cruising towards number ONE spot through diversity in their retail marketing outlook - also may supply all of Woolies Masters chain after Woolies dispute with one of the top 2?
Also new Stramit boss to be appointed - who's the big CEO going for this one and will be refused!


  1. Good luck to the Revo team for having a go in this market ! Innovation versus price cutting and cost cutting, it's easier to do the latter.
    How long til the Big 5 copy their 3 new corros ?

  2. Love the photo on the right - im not the man in question but i went through same thing, just stay where you are and dont do anything was the instruction for 2 months. very strange group of men

  3. Another key Fielders exec heading to Revo ?

  4. Maybe should start a campaign on the -
    "FREE WILLY" style once we find out who it is? Currently just looking like a vote on "FREE THE EX FIELDERS GM"

    Once a name is revealed - a VOTE will go up, also regarding pettiness of keeping an employee at the workplace when they resign to go to the opposition! The Hills HR department should step in and solve this hopefully for the benefit of the person involved. Or maybe a case for bully tactics. Has this hapened before?

    Whoever ordered this should be terminated!

  5. Hi All!

    Appreciate all the comments but need some ID - not emil etc but not Anonymous - still interesting - but will take it off the option list! Just put an ALIAS etc!

    P.S. Just received the GM's name - h-EL-lo?
    Vote will start Monday!


    The Roofer

  6. Revo Hater, don't forget that Hills let the genie out of the bottle when they sacked John Easling instead of negotiating a commercial resolution. There would have been no Revo and Fielders would have all the new products and all the good people would still be there, just like they were for the 17 years Easling, Altman and Jantzen were there, taking it from bankruptcy to a 1000 person market leading business.

  7. The True Oak is stronger in .42 than normal corro is in .48 and I've been told it won over 18,000 square metres in SA at Glenside Hospital because it was a cheaper alternative to .48. Can anyone confirm this ?

  8. roofer, this blog has gone down hill recently and became very biased towards one rollformer. Some of the stuff being bandied about is very misleading to say the least. People are passing judgement and have conceived opinions based on what is posted here on subjects they just have no clue about.

    ps. pretty funny how EL has suddenly became a GM?

  9. RH, even if what you say is true (and it isn't), it doesn't change the fact that Hills were offered a commercial settlement with a long JE non compete. Instead they sacked him him with no non compete to protect Fielders. Hills played hard ball, now they have to deal with Revo, not many winners from where I sit.

  10. Since there was such bad blood, why didn't Hills just pay Easling, Altman and Jantzen out with non-competes to prevent a Revo starting up ? What did they think would happen ?

  11. It is a bit sad that this blog seems to be like a record stuck on the same track. Without all the spin I have spoken with a builder who has used "True Oak". He didnt mind the profile or the price (was offered it at corro pricing) He wouldnt use it again - not unless the customer really really wanted to use it. Now Im not going to throw a PR spin on this but this is actual first hand fact.
    As I have mentioned before this is going to be a hard sell.
    As for the Hills - Easling seperation sure both parties are to blame in this case. Egos played a big part and your right Hoisted to what end is yet to be seen.
    As for Revo's future with a fairly limited product range (even with the different oak profiles) they will find it a hard slog in the future. I have heard without the ground they have been making in WA it would be game, set and match. You can guess by the fact that they are poaching reps they are getting desperate to get into different markets.
    Interesting time ahead for both Rev and Fielders in the coming weeks.

  12. As KC stated below some time ago
    "KC said...
    If Revo hadn't we started wouldn't have had much to blog about !!
    Saturday, September 10, 2011"

    This sums up basically what has transpired in the rollforming industry over the past year and is still topical with many of the contributors at this site.

    All comments from now on will be moderated and may have delays in posting. No anonymous comments will be posted. BLOGGER GOOGLE is demanding that comments here are to be moderated for content and origin!

    The site is about Roofing and Rollforming - stick with the subject if possible.


    I think a lot of roofing contractors don't like change - part of the marketng of any new product is contractor education and promotion. You stated "He wouldnt use it again" - Why? This is information that needs to be conveyed back to rollformers regardless of product!

    A NSW rollformer is sending notching cutters, turn-up turn-down tools, videos and free 1 day labour technical assistance on any new product used!

  14. Roofer,

    lots of half truths being posted.

    One post that is right was, "there are interesting times ahead".

    Any half truth in Tinmans mob cosolidating and moving sheeting, decking, rainwater & flashings from RP to the one site at Mile End?.

    Is this only the beginning?????

  15. Roofer,

    Not keen on the censorship

  16. Well

    maybe we should censor banga post about tinmans mob moving stuff from sites as its a rumor like his mob is for sale i doubt hills be keen to sell yet

  17. Rumour no more Beer lover


    Dear Valued Customer,

    We wish to advise you that our Regency Park and Mile End manufacturing divisions will be consolidated to one site at Mile End.

    Whilst there will be one manufacturing site, we recognise that Regency Park is a convenient location for many customers and therefore the Regency Park sales branch will remain open.

    The new super site at Mile End will allow for significant improvements in product efficiency. These changes will allow the SA business to further enhance the superior service that customers have come to expect from Fielders.

    The improved manufacturing site at Mile End will be in full operation by the end of January 2012.

    If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or your local Fielders Representative.

    Yours sincerely,

  18. Did anyone go to the Hills AGM? Press release talks about steel assets values being maximised

  19. KC they sound like they are referring to the consolidation of the regency and mile end sites. How can else can they lift a struggling company?

  20. Good point SW. It also says that they are talking to other 'vertically integrated' steel players . Reads that they want to merge Orrcon and Fielders with OneSteel or BlueScope, or perhaps Mittal or TATA.

  21. We are working hard to improve shareholder returns from our steel assets, we have engaged
    advisors and are currently seeking interest from potential investor partners who can add value in our Steel businesses.

    We are approaching companies which have steel as their core business as we believe that they
    will recognise the long term opportunities in the Australian market and add value to our steel
    businesses. Generally we compete with companies that are vertically integrated in these
    industries and we are looking to level the playing field in this regard.

    Given the scale of our steel operations and the current economic conditions, it may take some
    time to finalise an acceptable transaction with interested parties.

  22. Gee sounds more like they want someone like Apex or The Southern Steel Group to buy their unwanted goods. Fielders Having a mega base makes more sense for a takeover offer would appear more attractive to potential buyers also explains the sell at all costs tactic they are currently using.

  23. Spot on KC & SW, but there is likely more reasons other than making it more attractive for potential buyers.

    They couldn't fit everything @ RP into ME (e.g. purlins etc.) I reckon It's more a reaction to the downturn in a market that, at present certainly requires significantly less labour than they employ.

    I guess guys on the shop floor @ RP will be told there is a job at Mile End, take it or leave it(likely on a different shift) and could be a way to shed some fat. (not everyone will want to, or be in a position to make such a move) They might call it natural attrition

  24. Times are tough, let's hope the lower interest rates spark things along a bit.

  25. Well Banga as from my sources inside that company seems like your are bang on the mark but then again with this move they may loose some good experinced employers from both sites to their competers bu then again i think all rollform manufactures are feeling the downturn in the industry and more competion will make margins tight so good for the roofers and contracters so we better make the most of it while we can before prices go mad again