Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roofing Dollar?

Roofing & Clean Energy Future?

This is what all the money in the UK from the ETS, CO2 Tax or Carbon Tax is spent on!
Look at this site "The new generation pylons" with all this tax spent on architects and electricity distribution - who's going to make the electricity!

Great Use of Money!
  And there's more
And more great use of money!
If you decide to look at all the photos in "The winner of a new generation of electricity pylons is announced" 

Is this what the New Clean Energy Fund by the Australian Government is going to sponsor?

The current Australian Government has everything under control and the ROOFING Industry is in good hands!

Wonder who will make steel for roofing in Australia?

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  1. Amazing the Greens now approve the $300 million to the steel industry ( ) - what caused the change of heart by Milne & Brown?