Sunday, October 2, 2011

BlueScope Take Over?

BlueScope Take Overs, Poll Results & Left Overs

It's been a quiet week in the rollforming industry but here's a summary so far:
  1. Results of the (Huge number of votes =31) Poll on BlueScope - Will they survive? The final figures show nearly 80% don't think they will survive in the current form - that is either be taken over or simply disappear! The balance either thought they will/may or maybe not  survive! If there are suggestions for a new poll - enter your ideas in the comments!
    Results of Poll
  3. On BlueScope again - the rumour mill suggests the giant steel corporation Mittal is interested in BlueScope Steel.   This company is run by the Indian-born steel tycoon  Mr. Lakshmi Mittal is now the TOP billionaire in Britain today. This company is probably the largest steel organisation in the world and controls iron ore, coal and steel production. BlueScope would be a cheap buy for the rights to AUS & Asia with the Colorbond & ZincAlum Brands. Info on the above can be found at Britain's super-rich get even richer  (Thanks to The Phantom Rollformer - Man Who Rolls)
  4. Mr. Lakshmi Mittal
  5. For Mittal to be interested they will wait for the completion of the redundancies currently underway. It is not 1,000 but approxiamately 1,500 that is being negotiated between BlueScope and the Union as published at the Steel Guru Article   with the big area of concern is the following:  Australian Workers Union Port Kembla branch secretary Mr Andy Gillespie said 
    "The selection criteria has also been a very vexed issue but we are now close to reaching an agreement in principle on that as well, so we have done some of the hard yards in the last few days."
    In other words, the unions are working hand in glove with the company to destroy the jobs, hoping to prevent any opposition by workers, which would be triggered by outright sackings as the article stated.
  6. Samco Rollformers have a pretty impressive website - and are making inroads in the sale of rollformers world wide. Based in Canada but opening a large Mexico office - how long before they are in the Asia and India areas (plus Australia)? The Blog page of this website also has an interesting article on  Cost Saving in Metal Rollforming Lubricants (Rollforming Oil & its use) which is very different to some of the practises by rollformers in Australia.
  7. just some fun for the week - here is a photo some may (and some may not) fine amusing after the events at Queensland last week! But you will have to go to following website for an explanation
    Left Fielders???
  9. And lucky last for this week - have at look at the buy backs and buying up that has been going on at Hills Holdings below! It's definitely worth while going through!      
At Hot Copper ASX & Hills Movements

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