Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BlueScope Steel or Imported Steel?

Steel for Roofing?
Where does it come from?

The current steel manufacture for roofing coils is unfortunately being perceived as being made in Australia. Is this correct? The magic Phantom Rollformer rang and is importing steel from China - and it is no different to the Zincalume coil currently being sold by BlueScope - yet BlueScope say that theirs is only made in Australia! But their coil marks only state Made by BlueScope! Is it made in Australia?

A few of the other companies are also selling imported coil and rolling roof sheets with the same warranties as BlueScope! Is steel from China, Thailand, Vietnam etc any different to the Australian made? With the current problems in manufacturing of steel in Australia (and huge imports of steel this calender year)  the volume of coil being sold currently in Australia for roofing (excluding Colorbond) is up to nearly 75% from imported coil.

Lot's of importing is going to occur this year and the next - who are the major importers - well BlueScope are now importing the same volume of coil steel with now virtually no exports! They should be fair to the industry and state where the coil is made!

One example is where universities are now being sponsored by overseas steel companies (Not Australian) and where is the knowledge going? See Boa Steel sponsor Aus Universities .

Thanks Bao Steel for adding $25 Million to our Universities in Australia!
The results of long term investment in R&D will pay off for these companies - as future vision of the steel industry is clearly seen as a positive by Asian companies (but Australia has Peter Beattie - the $1,000 a day man out there) but the Australian Government seems to disagree!

The future of the metal roofing industry seems to be heading toward a giant downturn unless the government and the big manufacturers agree there is a future! Currently we will just be distributing roofing coil from overseas!

The rollformers that import the most are Stramit, Stratco and Metroll! But is Lysaght and the others also guilty as BlueScope provides them with imported coil marked as MADE BY BLUESCOPE  but actually made overseas! How big is BoaSteel?


  1. It's a sign of things to come - BlueScope Colorbond, designed in Australia !

  2. Roofer, It may well be a sign for the future, however the steel branded BlueScope for roofing in Australia IS made in Oz. (at present) "From the horses mouth."

    as you would know there is plenty of imported zinc about and the phantom is likely importing it but ALL the imported zinc I've seen has one significant difference, and that is it has no resin coating that zincalume has to assist the rollforming process and requires at least some lubricant to rollform.

    The "warranties" aren't worth a cracker, one bloke was offering 20 year warranties on imported zinc some 5 years ago to match BSS warranty (as good as if you or I had written them out) same mob supplying imported zinc for flashings box gutters etc. (a couple of upset roofers when all came to light) so forget "warranties".

    I think you have one of the "rollformers that import the most" wrong also. Perhaps you should look in "Tinmans" back yard, I think you'd find a bit there, probably right alongside the colorgard. Who knows you might even see some colorgard "ultra"

  3. Banga,
    Working backwards from your comments above:
    1. Colorguard Plus is already in the market - equivalent to Ultra!
    2. Tinmans backyard does contain import! Yes!
    3. Warranties are only a selling point! Yes!
    4. Import Zinc Aluminium coated steel from China now has the resin coating. Even some of the big rollformers use "Rollforming Oil" even on the resin coated BlueScope ZincAlume!
    5. The import figures for Coil Roofing suggests more is being imported than all the possible mathmatics as you suggest. BlueScope does bring in ZA 940x42 coil from Asia when they run short in distribution - always have - and it is printed "Made by BlueScope"!

  4. Banga,

    Forgot - from the horses mouth QUOTE
    "however the steel branded BlueScope for roofing in Australia IS made in Oz."

    Mr. O'malley also said only 1,000 jobs would go - currently looking at 1,600 with BF6 (Blast Furnace 6) being shut down.

  5. just been searching in my backyard, couldnt find any coils!!!!!!

  6. people lie to get sales??? nooooooooooo way. some people need to get their heads out of the sand. banga last time i checked onesteel is just as australian as Bluescope claim to be and secondly if you think BHP zincalume does not need rollform oil when being rollformed then you have rocks in your head.

    now lets everyone take a minute to laugh at bluescope for being inept and not protecting their market. They are fast becoming irrelevant in this country

  7. Perfect storm for Bluescope ! If they survive, and the dollar corrects, they'll be leaner and hungry, but they'll never recover.
    If someone like TATA puts a paint line in Perth and backfreights asian steel back east, Bluescope will be dead for sure.

  8. Tinman, is the pressure getting to you?, take a chill pill cob.

    I didn't mention Onesteel, you did!

    I didn't say you could rollform zincalume without roll oil either.

    Maybe you read the comments incorrectly, or perhaps there is something wrong with your eyes.

    I'd suggest the latter,

    After all you couldn't find the imported zinc in your backyard.

  9. nothings wrong with my eyes, you inadvertently mentioned onetseel and hinted that you could rollform zinc without lubricant in your post

  10. Why all the fuss about imports ?
    I've used lots of good quality AZ150 painted and unpainted from the main 3 non Lysaght rollformers on commercial jobs and you can't tell the difference, other than the price.
    Builders are happy to take a saving. Not so easy when dealing with the public.