Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Solar Powered Roofing

Solar Power in Roof Sheets?
What's happened in the last month is many companies are jumping on board the solar powered roof sheeting originally thought of by DyeSol and now Tata joint venture (Tata bought out Corus) and they have been involved in this development for many years.

Now we have the new boys (not rollformers or the usual players) - as described below.


"The first is OneRoof Energy in the USA: and they have a lease plus replacement and quote as below
Rather than offer the financing package through solar installers, OneRoof Solar is offering the solar lease through roofing companies, which the company says will simplify the process. The product is different than typical flat-plate panels, too. Instead, solar cells are integrated into the roofing materials so that they are flush with the roof line."

 Read more:
Looks like it was just cleaned - not impregnated with solar cells?

There is no information on the science or technology except the statement that the solar cells are imbedded into the roofing materials!  Much more info needed from these guys before credibility?
This is amazing - the article links to the group that specialises in intergrated material composites? Look at the their website for details. But the amazing part is the details in the article below:
New Solar Roofing Factory in Cairns
This looks like the Pandoras Box! Great - but look at the costs! And the photo looks like a normal solar system to me! But there is another photo on another site of the roofing!
Doesn't look real water proof or like steel to me?
Same business - - but another grant from Victorian Government - total adding up here. Got 1/4 of a Million dollars for the Victoria plant + millions for the Cairns one.

The roofing industry are the experts in rolling steel sheeting for all buildings, plus the expertise they have accumulated over the years seems to dissappear when the NEW GREEN Roof is mentioned.

The item that is a worry is from the following quote:
"Mr Leipnik said it was expensive, with a 300sqm roof costing $30,000, although subsidies were available and the annual power bill fell by 97 per cent from $1200 to $36"

Who can afford this? Will the future of rollformers be in solar? Or promising roof tops that can supply energy to the householder and cut bills by 97%? Grants from the Government are rolling in currently and if you miss out?

Sounds like a PINK BATT promise maybe?

With grants to this company - plus Peter Beattie on $1,000 a day - Australia is same in the governments hands. Now the AUD has dropped - we blame other things?

What is happening in this industry?


  1. typical government scheme - dont worry about consulting or including the rollformers in product development. why werent the csiro involved in this??
    real potential but with the government involved watch them throw money at it with minimal results.

  2. government of singapore investment corporation pty ltd became a 5% shareholder of BSL - i wonder who else has important votes in this company??

  3. Agree - the money that is going to be wasted will be bigger than Midnight Oil's Insulation Scam!

    Why has the Singapore investment Corp bought a day after NAB released its shares (lending based) in BSL. Hasn't Singapore Invest Corp had involvement in the Vietnam and Chinese BlueScope operations - maybe this is the stepping stone for BSL to move offshore?

  4. i think its more likely that bsl with move production of base coil offshore and will continue to coat in australia to continue the colorbond brand's manufactured in australia claim. bluescopes operation here will shift into distubution only - sad state of affairs but continues to be my theory. government of singapore is probably of this mindset and is looking to secure a slice of the production pie. i bet they wont be involved in a carbon price.