Friday, September 2, 2011

Roofing Week - 11 Months to Go

The industry will face the CO2 Tax in 11 months or less, what procedures have been examined that will reduce this impact. BlueScope & One Steel have been looked after by the governement - lets hope they pass this on to rollformers that can compete in the open market. Container loads of finished purlins are arriving in WA and QLD ports destined for the mining projects.
  1. Stratco secretly advancing in the retail, patio and shed industry and look like taking Number 1 spot.
  2. Metroll also quite in their ways - but selling lots - maybe at reduced price - but maintaining increase in turnover.
  3. Lysaght - confused still with the BlueScope big loss at end of FY. Many staff dissatisfied with management for the big bonuses and yet laying off staff. Mr. O'Malley bought up a heap of discounted shares of BlueScope (about $50,000) on 10% of his bonus? Not looking good for this group today and plenty of angry shareholders.
  4. Stramit - still going OK - no word on any problems and Fletcher Building Group is doing well. Have always had a good relationships with BlueScope - but this could change quickly.
  5. Fielders are doing well in QLD & NSW after 7 years or so - but SA & WA still going backward. Hills also have the results of the Edwardstown contamination coming up - (not through the EPA) but settlement with PPT (a 13% shareholder of Hills) that bought the contaminated land for Colonial to develop. There's more to this story to come.
  6. Still on Hills - Mr G Twartz had nearly $110,000 plus of shares issued to him that was declared late - but now all sorted - what is this - a long service issue of shares?? Certainly not for performance as on September 16th - they will be taken off the ASX 200 list - not good.
  7. Also the release of a new roofing profile will be done on the 8th September if all goes well - it may even be highlighted here at The Roofer. There's going to be some noses out of joint in SA & WA.  True!!!
  8. Who's the guru of the roofing industry that visited QLD last week - talks of a large indepentent Rollforming association?
  9. Aluminium roofing to go? By the end of 2025 - the CO2 tax alone will raise the cost by $200 per tonne while China is at $8 per tonne. The Industry will fold in Australia. See the Australiam Aluminium Council report here Australian Aluminium Council warns of carbon tax .
  10. Attack on the ASI by an independent Shed Information Website - ASI????
  11. Rollforming machines being made in China and imported by Australian Companies? Why? Because they're cheaper? But as the BCA and ASA requires that the sheets be tested in LHL by a cyclone testing centre - but these tesing centres approve the rollforming company - not the machine? Make what you want out of that?
CO2 Tax due in less tha 11 months - are you ready for this?



  1. 1/ stratco remain strong in retail but still a one trick pony in the rollforming side
    4/ stramit have started to roll form onetseel colourguard for builder/builders in SA. Bluescope dying a slow death and have their egos to blame
    5/ fieldes are still doing well in SA in a market where the pie has gotten smaller,their share remains the same
    7/ hope your not talking about true oak this will not be a success. the only roofers who like it are the ones who have shares in the company and this is why the powers to be at revo are running to the builders with it direct. The only builder using it so far will soon change as their subbies/supervisors arent happy chappies and it has cost revo $$$ on display homes and a lot of problems with window reveals, not having the proper size coil and supplying standard normal 940 (two overs), supplying .35 on roofs and all this for 30% more on normal corro price!!. stop trying to re-invent the wheel fellas
    11/ theres only a handful of rollformers who have the integrity to get there decks/profiles tested thesedays!!

  2. here here tinman!
    testing is few and far between true oak in .35 shows how desperate things are getting, how can this get past council inspection and the BCA??
    i hope that shedeye actually research the ASI before attacking it - it is independant as many a rollformer can attest to, the only companies against the ASI belong to the ASA which are all importers - might want to pick your side well....
    if your intersted in jobs at Olympic Dam there is a special website setup which the ASI informed all its members about... i dont see any other group doing this.
    tinman will have to buy you a beer oneday when the dust settles.

  3. They'll say they are only using it for cladding but they would be lying.

    Builders wont/arent going to go beyond 900 and they wont pay 30% more for it so revo have stuck out on both fronts. the only way to save face and not lose money on it is to supply it in .35 at normal rates as they say it will span.

    SA is going to get interesting thats for sure. The roofers are going through what the rollformers were 12 months ago

  4. The Revo True Oak looks fantastic and is very strong, spans further and is virtually dent proof.

    I had no choice in using it one the architect saw it, it took a little while to get used to scribing, but all in all it is much better than standard corro. Congratulations to Revolution for doing something new and different.

  5. Stratco have moved away from the zero margin roofing market, good move as you say Roofer.
    They and Metroll now have insulated panels, watch that market take off.

    Stramit are about to release a patio system in Victoria, there goes that market with Stratco, Fielders, Lysaght and Revolution all with similar systems. Stratco and Fielders have price advantage importing their patio feed while Lysaght and Revo use Bluescope only.

    Revolution are releasing a new 'midi' small corrugated (bigger than miniorb) plus a deeper heritage style corrugated, probably a good move to differentiate in zero margin markets and have a story to tell the architects and builders instead of complaining about everyone else price cutting.

    Fielders have a slatted fence and louvre system which they need to reinforce before the long awaited release. High margins and low volumes.

    Tinman is paranoid about Revo, not hard to guess where he works ! Change and new products are good things, especially in cut throat roofing markets,

  6. A choice in corro ?

    A premium corro at a premium price ?

    There must be a lot of worried roofers and rollformers out here should Revo's new corro take off !

    The last change to corro was in 1965 when .42 hi-ten and Colorbond came out, replacing .60 soft feed galv.

    I guess there were a lot of prophets of doom back then too !

  7. i have personally seen the new "midi corro" and am a worried trev that the machine still needs to be tweaked there is definite flat spots in the bottom flute which need to be fixed.
    is there a special ridge cap for the true oak Alex? as we have all mentioned before its hard to see the cost benefits of the profile for the general house market but could have potential with the right architect looking for something different.
    Tinman is right to be paranoid when revo started up it would have felt like the night of long knives for the remaining staff definitely not a Che Guevera uprising like were lead to believe.

  8. Is history repeating itself ?

    'Fielders will never last' they cried in the 90's when Easling ,Jantzen and Altman bought it and cranked it up.

    No-one will ever use Hi-ten gutters and ridge cap either.

  9. It looked like standard ridge but with a lot longer scribing break. The barge caps were bigger too. The owner was happy to pay extra .

  10. alex, did it have two overs?

    trevor, i dont have a complex nor am i paranoid about revolution roofing and it may be harder than you think to guess my profession! you cant bullshit a bullshitter they say, easo is a great salesman arguably the best and thats what he does!!! sell!! revo arent some saints here to rescue the steel industry and be good samaritans, they are there to make money and i would think they are struggling at this. There is good and bad in all rollformers and my line from the start is that the grass is not always greener on the other side in terms of chosing suppliers and jumping ship at the drop of the hat.

  11. Woodland grey .42 with normal over and under, lapped fine. They don't have the wider coil in every colour that's why there are some 2 overs sheets

  12. Just a few questions regarding the comments above.
    1. The ASI may loose its major sponsor to importers - Bluescope is getting worse on the ASX today - Can't see a good ending for this company.
    2. "They'll say they are only using it for cladding but they would be lying" - isn't one of their profiles in 0.35 BMT for roof usage?
    3. Great pros & cons in comments for the new Revo product - but won't the market decide?
    4. Finally - what will happen to Lysaght etc if BlueScope collapses.
    5. Who knows of the rollformer involved in Cairns new plant backed by the Governemnt for development of solar corrugated sheeting? It's not one of the big five? There is a lot of money involved in this project???

  13. One More - What happened at Hills today - dropped 9 cents in one trading day after a $500,000 market buy back - did one of the directors sell back? No News?

  14. Roofer on point 5 the government is the last person you would want to get into bed with - look what happened to the insulation industry! Julia definetly has the opposite of the Midas touch!!
    I think the tinman might be right about a takeover for BSL they are trying to make themselves a more inviting takeover target... I would imagine that business would continue for Lysaght if BlueScope fell over but for how long would be unknown...
    We are in a market where the bottom line talks and I am of the opinion that the new Revo profile will be a white elephant its hard enought to get the consumer to buy bluescope let alone a cladding profile that costs more per m2 as i have mentioned before it will end up being a speciality .
    I apologise tinman i was under the assumption that you worked for Fielders too - I can tell Trev works for Rev but will have to keep guessing on your employer.

  15. has anyone tried the new buildex or the new bremick screws?

  16. Trevor is a small time builder with a long association with Woodroffe and the late Ron Jantzen, then all of the original Fielders people before they made the mistake of joining up with Hills. The team at Revo are the same innovators that grew Woodroffe then Fielders, gone because Hills sacked John Easling and Chris Altman instead of settling fair and square. Must go down as one of the biggest stuff ups of all time !

  17. definitely trev, i am suprised anyone on the board still has their jobs!! Hills have really run Fielders into the ground. JE has a passion for starting and developing companies and the market share revo have shows the support and respect he has in the market. since the split fielders have seemed to tread water whilst others have consolidated and grown, they still control most of the pie but are being made to really work for it.
    what has happened to lysaght? pricing is low but still struggling? shows you cant buy business. are they still expanding to the riverland? or is that project on ice at the moment?

  18. lysaght and stramit are both setting up in mildura

  19. trev, has JE been burning some specifying fielders manuals down there!! telling anyone who will listen that he is the victim and hills are the bad guys. very similar to the techniques of the nazi party! easo is the king of spin and propaganda

    What are the new fasteners (screws) by Buildex & Bremick?
    Ripple Zips and Climaseal 5 are Buildexs only new ones and Vortex Roof by Bremick currently!

  21. Tinman,

    I appreciate all comments here especially yours. Your prediction regarding Stratco is coming true - their figures are currently dominating the industry while Lysaght seems to be suffering badly!

    But - Please be careful on comments thanks. I had enough problems wuith Hills through Telstra!

    The Roofer

  22. Tinman, please tell us all how and why JE left Fielders and Hills role in it all.

  23. Nazi propaganda ? Tell us what you know Tinman.

    The papers said Fletcher had bought Fielders for $110m plus then suddenly Easo was sacked and Revo started up. Why didn't Hills pay him, Jantzen and Altman out and get a non-compete to protect the Fielders business, the Fielders employees and the Hills shareholders value?

  24. If Revo hadn't we started wouldn't have had much to blog about !!

  25. Buildex - The new class 5 screw for severe iso environments
    Bremick - Have got a new screw which apparently lasts 4 times that of traditional class 4 and screws in quicker
    Battle of the fastners ahead!
    Hope to see both in action soon and will decided for myself which is better.

  26. Trevor, i dont think im at liberty to say but dont always believe what you read in the papers and remember there is always two sides to a storey. Its old news these days anyway and there are bigger things in the industry to discuss.

  27. Tinman, if you can't back up your slander like 'lying' and 'Nazi propaganda' then don't throw mud. We don't want this site shut down like the last one. The 'Empty Tinman' makes the most noise?

  28. trevor, dont sulk because i am more informed than you are. clearly you have been hanging around scotland rd too much

    Moving on now, revo have put off 5 people in the factory and are looking at office/admin staff next

  29. Ill back tinman up i have also hear the same roomer about revo seems like all rollforms are doing it tuff lets see if mr Easlings wonderful markerting plans work but then can he back up with customers service also with he big expenditure can he afford his overheads to stay in the game but then again i dont under etermate him