Friday, September 9, 2011

Roofing Poll on BlueScope

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  1. China would never let it happen, why should we ?
    Free trade is a one way street to oblivion for Australian manufacturing.

    We are a tiny economy with lots of natural resources

  2. i think it would be a better question can roofing manufacture survive in australia in its current form - with the carbon tax bill introduced into parliment today its the beginning of the end.
    Julia should write a book - How to destroy an economy and a manufacturing sector. With a foreword from John Howard on how to lay the groundwork with freetrade agreements.


    Both exactly correct - but also if you listened to O'Malley today - he sounds like a politican -quote
    "I don't believe we have the solutions in place to address the challenges we're facing." DUH!
    No wonder they're down to 70 cents today - out the backdoor soon with this turkey in charge!

    While Plummer of One Steel simply put it to Government to get the Aust $ back to parity!

    Between Gillard and O'malley - the BlueScope plan for making steel is a dead end.