Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mobile Mill Roofing

Mobile Mill Roofing.

Where are all the Videos & Promotional photos?

There are approximately 15 mobile roofing machines in Australia divided mainly between Fielders and Lysaght while Revolution has one, and Kingspan another. There maybe more out there!
Why aren't there any videos clips like those presented on the Kalzip website. Lysaght and Fielders currently do not have a promotional video of their machines in operation - yet the article on Mobile Mills in the old ROOFER BLOG was the most popular with nearly 13,000 views. See below:

Old Mobile Mill Article
And this article didn't even have a picture of a mobile mill. Now with the resource industry demanding projects be completed quickly - this style of roof delivery would have to be one of the better options. Yet we see no promotional information in the trade magazines, websites or their own publications.

Here is a new one from KalZip - a good 4 minute BLOCKBUSTER Roofing mini movie to get excited about.

KalZip "Lets Twist with Aluminium"

So what other mobile roofing technology is here in Australia? - no one publishes any information on their new innovations?

When will Lysaght, Fielders and Revolution publish a Video for release to the public. The gallery at Kalzip is full of amazing photos of completed projects as per below:

Kalzip Tennis Centre Shanghai - 8 moving moving roof sections.

Kalzip RAF Museum UK 
 UPDATE: See new FrameCad Mobile Mill (stud framing) Video and photos - plus Fielders and Lysaght photos at Roofing Photos


  1. I would think there are no on line videos of mobile rollformers as the operators wouldn't want any unneccesary attention drawn to themselves.

    Each time i've seen them rolling product, the safety side of the operation leaves a lot to be desired. Product rolling out without support. In fact guys walking along with the sheet as it rolls out and having it supported on their shoulders. (one slip and nice slice to the neck).

    I am surprised it's never been looked at from the OHS side of things by the powers that be.

  2. I agree Banga.. but for the sake of even one promo video of an Australian Mobile Mill in operation, they could include all the required saftey procedures. The mining companies, resource developers and remote area construction would love this. Taking the mill there with coil is cheaper than the logistics on some long sheets!

  3. I was interested to see the Kalzip videos appearing to be a deal more advanced than us in Oz, colapsible, fold down run out tables etc. a far cry from what we use here.

    From what I see Roofer, they would never be permitted to roll on a site with even half reasonable OHS systems and inductions in place.

    For instance BHP @Olympic Dam (as someone involved in the removal and rebuild of the "camp" in 97-98), there would be no chance they would even get the mill on site. Perhaps it's time for an innovative alternative to onsite rolling.

  4. it can be quite dodgy onsite but the customer has to take some honus on this as more often than not they are the ones demanding corners to be cut in order to make the job more profitable for them. The rollformers are in a no win situation as they want to please the customer who in most case on a mobile mill job is quite a big player

  5. Banga .. correct on all above - but Kalzip is running Aluminium Roofing - so the kg per sq meter is less - a lot smaller rollformer, runout tables etc, etc & OHS in the middle east (where most of these videos are filmed) aren't as strick on this.

  6. Rev, Fielders, and Lysaght will want to look for shed space for their mobile mills! The real roofing revolution has begun!

  7. It seems there is an innovative alternative to the expensive & more importantly UNSAFE practice of "some" mobile rollformers.

    I hear a couple of rollformers walking around with bottom lips dragging on the ground.

    Perhaps the sourness emanating from their mouths is the cause

  8. Just a few questions:
    1. "build_smarter" What has begun? Interesting!
    2. Hi Banga - Also the same question - what is the alternative to the UNSAFE practice of "some" mobile rollformers? Your english is faultless also - well done!

  9. Roofer, I understand a product that allows non pierce fix roofing (commercial deck) to be lapped on end without a step joint in the roof (eliminating the on site rolling and being delivered on regular transport after rolling in the factory).

    The onsite rolling cost versus tramsport cost. (The mobile mill operators will be offering on site rolling for free next, if they're not already)

    Word has it a couple of Rollformers (the big one and one who thinks he's big) aren't all that happy with the umpires decision.

    Perhaps one of them is for sale as per your latest blog and the Phantom

  10. Correct Banga. Why help roll a roof onsite at the mercy of the weather and winds - when you can get a full roof delivered in much more manageable lenghts? The revolutionary farlap clip allows you to have a break in the roof sheeting without compromising the roof quality or performance.