Friday, September 23, 2011

Fielders Shakeup in Queensland

Fielders in Northgate have had a change!

This is the ad on the Fielders Website under careers:

Three Jobs Available at Northgate

That's quite a few top positions to advertise from up in Queenslands Fielders Head Office. Three resignations? Three terminations?
Who knows - from the end of FY1011 the report stated Queensland had finally picked up - a few questions here.
Those in the industry - apply now through their website Fielders Careers for detailed position descriptions.

Hills (Fielders parent company) fell to 99.5 cents - the first time under a dollar to join BlueScope as under the dollar share companies.


  1. Interesting, rang some Fielders people i know and it seems they were resignations but they got out before the decisions wasn't theres. seems there performances werent the issue and it was more of a "off-field' incident

  2. Exactly tinman! The performance of QLD had improved - so the "off field" must have been substantial for at least three positions to go! It was apparently one of the few states to perform well for Fielders in the last 12 months! Makes you wonder about the "Off Field"?

  3. roofer, people getting ahead of themselves i think. It's good to celebrate your wins but you have to keep things in perspective, the whole market is in a slump and one good year or slight improvement doesnt mean you should rest on your laurels

  4. And from my sourcers they are is a good temp solution in place for north gate they are going to be ok

  5. QLD Spy
    Another one gone this week from N/Gate in Patio section??? How many temps are being sent up - eight or nine???? :)

  6. Check out the new share purchases by companies (all Hill-Ling) of Hills Holdings - big share percentage & voting. Seems it is once again a family business! Probably for the better.

    Rumours about investigations Tinman on the "Off Field Incident" - not looking good for the boys involved after such a profitable turn around for QLD Fielders. Seems Four Corners are looking at a story?

    Best they are gone for Fielders reputation!