Monday, August 15, 2011

Who's a Naughty Rollformer?

The main topic is of an Australian Rollformer who happens to own a shed manufacturing industry - all five major rollformers have shed industries associated with them - to make this exercise easier it is not Stratco or Metroll! So that leaves Lysaght, Stramit and Fielders. This incident has been reported on another website as an article - but the fun begins when you look at the forum associated with this! The Roofer has commented on this and tried to be polite - but the shed industry is huge in Australia and for customers to have this happen to them is not right. Have a look at the photo below:

Photo of the Failed Shed.
Not a good look - find out at IS THE SHED SAFE? and the look at the comments at the THE SHEDEYE FORUM but you will have to be logged in - sign up. Good site.

The EPA in South Australia has also released the latest map details of the contamination of groundwater  at

The amazing thing about this toothless tiger - the EPA - is that they should look at the history of the HILLS site - in particular the timing of the sales - Hills purchased the majority in 1971-72, some in 1981, some in 1991 and some in 2001 - yet sold all to Perpetual Trust in July 2009 - still in 2008 Colonial Trust (a developer) reported site contamination to the Marion Council? Nothing of consequence was done until early this year - when the Toothless EPA started releasing information? Perpetual actually started increasing their Hills Industry shares early this year - with recent purchasing up to 13% after selling off Fletchers shares (down to 11%) all at the same time (2009) of the proposed Fletcher takeover of Fielders (went sour) - SAY NO MORE?

Also on another note - this site has a new page with Roofing Contractors details - so for rollformers that want their good customers on here - tell them to send in the details for listing.


  1. Roofer do you know who rolled the shed? There isnt a clearer picture of the cladding profile?


    Yes, I do know who rolled the shed and the shed supplier, but currently I am not at liberty to reveal the details, already in the bad books with Lysaght and Hills? Don't need another one on the case!

  3. Dammit - can't tell you - give me a fair go.

    True Blue - The Roofer - if you get my drift!

  4. you're in the "bad books",

    you're not "fair dinkum" are you?