Saturday, August 20, 2011

Roofing Week a Nightmare!

With nearly $44 billion wiped off the ASX and BlueScope down to 79 cents, One Steel to $1.34 and Hills managed to keep just above the magic dollar mark at $1.01. The 23rd August 2011 (Tuesday) Hills will release company results for period ending 30th June 2011.

The ASX Friday
 The following will probably occurs over the next few weeks or months:
  1. BlueScope upper management will have the broom clean them out.
  2. One Steel if a merger does occur will see Mr. Plummer as the new head.
  3. A second option to above - is as stated on a few of the ASX stockmarket commenters - that BlueScope may be liquidated and even reach 48 cents???? This means that Lysaght, The brands of Colorbond and Zincalume etc will be sold.
  4. Many more good staff to already join the many that have already fled BlueScope.
  5. Stramit beginning to lead the rollformer race to number 1.
  6. Lysaght will fall to 3 or 4 - and depending on the BlueScope issue - may even vanish?
  7. One rollformer to release a new product on 8th September 2011 - a bold move but the product details hopefully will also be released here on The Roofer blog???
  8. Talk of a new industry independent association?
Off the roofing subject - but now Coal Seam Gas is on the NO NO list of alternative energy to coal? The industry will end up only working on SUNNY and WINDY days?  When is this energy problem going to be solved once and for all.


  1. fielders/revo would have the motive to buy out lysaghts but not the means whilst metroll would have the means but not the motive

  2. Definitely true - maybe Metroll in conjunction with an O/S company, or another O/S giant like TATA - they have coil manufacturing, Corus, Kalzip etc etc and Lysaght have the outlets - would be fairly cheap in a liquidation sale? All imported coil would make it competetive.
    Zincalume & Colorbond Brands are owned by BlueScope - so another sale there, and the rest!

  3. Fletcher have the strongest share performance by far. If a foreign steel mill bought Colorbond and Zincalume brands I reckon they'd try and secure the Lysaght tonnes as well just like Bluescope have for many years.

  4. I doubt anyone has the means to buy BlueScope independantly - there are a few tight ships out there at the moment.
    I would imagine a group with common interests would be a more realistic possibility but with the carbon tax still on the horizon - the group would need to be cashed up to pay all future liabilities under the scheme.
    If Metroll bought the brands - Colorbond and Zincalume i think you would find the other rollformers would drop it like a hot potato.
    I have previously jested that Lysaght have brought this all upon themselves - but it would be a shame to see such a Australian Icon disappear.

  5. To purchase the Colorbond & Zincalume brands would mean worldwide Asia, Europe, India, USA etc so would push limits of Fletcher distribution network? The Brands would be worthless O/S if BlueScope sold the Australian and NZ rights seperately!

  6. Like the new site Roofer !

    Tinman should try and get on the Hills Board and save Fielders, it's sad to see a once great company in serious decline.

  7. Tata and Mittal must be a chance for the Bluescope OneSteel double takeover, iron ore is the big earner for OneSteel plus all the value added zincalume and colorbond coated products and rollforming in Lysaght.

  8. trevor, would love to but dont see it happening!

    hills have been on the "decline" for awhile now but they are hanging in there. i guess what is working in their favour is that they are a one trick pony like bluescope. you only have to look at the fletchers/crane model to see being diverse works

  9. Can BlueScope be saved? See new post! They have some very big debts due - with no profits!