Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roofing - The Start of a New Generation

The First Post - and Goodbye to Telstra - so much happening in this industry - the economic situation is dominating everything and some big players in deep trouble.

Place some comments and feel free to get used to the new site? Hope it works.

Some very disturbing patterns emerging on the ASX - especially with Green Energy Shares - would you invest in a windmill? BlueScope mini revival today, Fletchers lost a great deal but came back, Hills had big volumes and still going down?


  1. Good to see you are back.

    Keep the quality coming!

  2. Any chance of your bringing over all of you other posts. I refer to them sometimes.

  3. Currently trying to copy & paste - Telstra not that friendly with Google for this sort of stuff.

    I am trying to get Identity NAMES with each post (still anonymous if required) - but until then if you could sign off as who you are!

    Good to be back!

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