Thursday, August 25, 2011

Man of Steel - This is a Joke!

The newly appointed (dubbed man of steel) Mr. Peter Beattie has been given the $1,000 a day job by the Federal Government to investigate claims that Australian manufacturers are being dudded by mining companies who go for cheaper foreign suppliers. Qualifications - Pollie?

Horses... Opps - Sorry wrong Photo

Man of Steel

Here are some questions for the Man Of Steel who appointment is to aid manufacturing industries like the rollformers of Australia to gain projects and become more productive. What does the Man of Steel know about this industry that will enable him to aid this industry to rapidly come out of this downturn?

Man of Steel Questions:-
  1. What longer, and LTI or a BMT?
  2. In ZincAlume - is the Zinc underneath & the Aluminium on top - or the reverse?
  3. With roof sheets - why is it, that the heavier they are - the more they span - explanation please?
  4. If a roof sheet has 150grams per sq meter of zincalume coating - how is this applied and is it only on the top?
  5. Is a malleable sheet designed for bent people?
These are ridiculous questions - but seriously how does this person obtain a $1,000 a day job with the federal government to solve the problems of competition within the manufacturing industry of all Australia?

 How about giving the manufacturing companies tax breaks for their own personel to gain knowledge within the resource sector and the up coming contracts. Tax concessions for resource supply projects by Australian manufacturers for multiply supply agreements for supply direcd to the mining companies instead of through major contractors?

A meeting of all the major and minor rollformers with the Man Of Steel may be able to achieve something - but one ex pollie flying around the country will do nothing! Write him a letter.

So many questions about this!


  1. i think it’s a compliment to call beattie a horses posterior – can’t wait for this to blow up in Julias face. How can they mismanage this to death? (im just glad Garret isn’t involved)
    I agree with you roofer even training incentives to learn negotiation skills, etc is a much better and long term investment than a washed up windbag any day of the week. Jobs for the boys....

  2. Totally agree! Jobs for the boys - and with no ability!

  3. Roofer, check out this link, Mr Ed is addressng a national conference as a key note speaker imparting his VAST knowledge on the subject of Australian Content at this conference.

    Damn, I'm shattered I won't be able (can't afford) to attend to hear this jokers words of wisdom.

  4. No link there Banga - would like to read up on it!

    Thanks! (I won't be attending either! :) )

  5. Sorry Roofer, must be the altzheimers,

  6. Thanks Banga! But I thought that I remembered "altzheimers" was spelt "Alzheimers" - but maybe Peter Beattie could help you out - because my memory is shot!