Sunday, August 28, 2011

ASI - BlueScope Under Attack

BlueScope - big fat payouts to top brass!!

BlueScope Management cannot be serious with this latest pocketing of loads of money described as bonuses?
Pay Day for O'Malley
This is the breakdown of dollars to BlueScope Steels top executives:
Paul O'Malley $721,000 on top of his salary of nearly 2 million dollars
Top Executives $3.05 million total as bonuses on top of salaries.
This was their reward by shareholders and workers for losing 1 BILLION dollars for the last year.
This is in wake of Mondays announcement of more than 1,000 workers to be axed by BlueScope and the Government hands the company quite a few million to help them through. This is the pain suffered by workers for the gain enjoyed by management. DISGRACEFUL!

While BlueScope is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons - its sponsored industry body the ASI has been pushing for equity in steel placement contracts for the industry within the resource boom contracts. The government in its wisdom rewards them with Mr. Peter Beattie - the media Tart. So in looking at the ASI and its rollforming associations and support - and searched the website for the industry suppliers under rollforming companies in Australia? This is the result:
Search Results?????
So this is the total index of Australian rollformers on the ASI (Australian Steel Institute) Website!
TWO - only two and one in SA and one in VIC. So a mining company tries to source info on cold rollformed product and comes up with this result! No wonder the industry misses out on contracts. So if the ASI doesn't support rollformers - who does?

ASI or The Australian Steel Institute - with all the work it performs - seems not to represent this aspect of the steel industry. Does Peter Beattie start here - why is BlueScope, One Steel and Fletchers the only sponsors of this INSTITUTE? Yet can't find any of their rollformers on the search list? Not the best example of a good industry representative website?

And now another section of the ASI - the Shed Group which operates ShedSafe - under attack here at Shedeye "ShedSafe - An Industry or a Brand?"

There are questions being asked that if this body which is sponsored effectively by Stramit and Lysaght - (two of the biggest shed suppliers in Australia) can be an impartial industry representative? There will be more to come out of this controversial article no doubt.

Who is the ASI? Just another group of self promotion? Or has it just been run down like its sponsor BlueScope?

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  1. Ian Flanders,

    BlueScope will be a hot potato for some time, then memories will fade and they will reappear with new moral values - but the same leadership! Beware - BlueScope is still a giant with government backing!